Strange Week

Premiere DateApr 28, 2016
Categories Media Talk
00:00 Echoes
00:20 Intro
00:44 Let's Get Strange
01:45 Taking It To The Streets
03:50 Weirdest Stuff in Our Lives
07:32 Neptune Sun The Ghost Ease
11:44 Olukemi Talks Virtual Reality
20:45 Bizarre New Frontiers At Tribeca
24:35 Spoken Word
27:38 Third Eye (Making of "The Curve")
44:29 Heartbeat Claptone
49:58 Strange is Everything
53:07 Outro
53:20 Swept Kiasmos
60:24 Finish

This week is Strange Week. For all the weirdos out there, all the people who don’t quite fit inside any predetermined box, this week’s podcast is for you. It’s a celebration of all that’s quirky and freaky.

We’ll talk with Opeyemi Olukemi Senior Director, Interactive at Tribeca Film Institute

For our Third Eye perspective into the question this week we’ll wrap it up by talking with the cast, writer, and director of the bizarre short film called Curve, in which a woman awakens on an alien structure from which there is no escape. This will be a special segment to cross promote our coverage of the Tribeca Film Festival, which just wrapped up this week.

Be sure to check out as we take our question to the streets!

Check out our third eye video!

Neptune Sun – The Ghost Ease

Heartbeat feat. Nathan Nicholson – Claptone

Swept (Tale Of Us Remix) – Kiasmos

9 Things I Would Like to Tell to Every Teenage Girl – Melissa Newman-Evans

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