Open Week

Premiere DateSep 10, 2015
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00:00 Echoes
00:32 The Question
01:52 Taking It To The Streets
04:39 Openness
08:19 Freedom Petite Noir
11:44 Introducing Jason Hibbets
12:13 Open Source City
32:17 What would greater transparency look like?
35:40 10 Honest Thoughts About Being Loved By a Skinny Boy Rachel Wiley
39:04 Introducing Brian Nosek
39:30 Center for Open Science
51:15 Access and credibility
54:45 Breathe Petite Noir
59:06 Third Eye – Introducing Rachel Jessee
59:47 Toplessness equality
74:14 The Answer
78:47 Outro
79:10 Haiku
80:01 Finish

Today’s podcast is about being open. As the brilliant Frank Zappa once said, “A mind is like a parachute: it doesn’t work if it’s not open.”

We’re going to be exploring some of the ways that open sourcing can provide more opportunities for us in the sectors of community politics and science. We’ll also take a less conventional reading and explore how being open about our sexuality can create more compassion in the world.

We’ll talk with Jason Hibbets, project manager in corporate marketing at Red Hat and community manager for He’ll share with us how open source policies, legislation, and government bodies could provide a much needed transparency.

We’ll also chat with Brian Nosek, executive director of the Center for Open Science a nonprofit technology start-up dedicated to improving the alignment between scientific values and scientific practices.

Lastly, for our Third Eye perspective into the question this week we’ll wrap it up by talking with GoTopless spokeswoman, performer and model Rachel Jessee about being open to the idea of gender
desexualized equality.

Be sure to watch our video when we take our question of the week out to the streets!

Also you can watch our interview with Brian Nosek, executive director of the Center for Open Science.


Freedom & Breathe – Petite Noir

10 Honest Thoughts About Being Loved By A Skinny Boy – Rachel Wiley

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