New Year's Week

Premiere DateDec 31, 2015
Categories Media Talk
00:00 Echoes
00:22 The Question
01:20 Taking It To The Streets
03:55 New Year Celebrations
07:25 Swept Kiasmos
12:50 Interview with Jeremy Kranowitz
31:03 Sustainability for 2016
36:27 Spoken Word
39:06 Third Eye
39:33 Interview with Evan Hazelett
58:10 The Answer
61:15 Outro
61:43 Finish

Happy New Year’s Eve! Today we delve into some positive changes to make for 2016. Hopefully ideas on sustainability can help the New Year ring in with some environmental hope in protecting our resources.

We’ll talk with Jeremy Kranowitz, executive director of Sustainable America. Kranowitz speaks with us about the multiple ways start-ups across the country are fueling to make the country more environmentally friendly.

We’ll also chat with Evan Hazelett is an ugly produce enthusiast at Imperfect produce. He speaks with us about forming a delivery system that saves otherwise wasted produce from grocery stores.

Also, check out our video as we take questions out to the streets of NYC!

You can also watch Zach and Lisa discuss the topic of this week’s podcast.


Swept (Tale Of Us Remix) & Swept – Kiasmos

Private Parts – Sarah Kay

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