Gluttony Week

Premiere DateNov 19, 2015
Categories Media Talk
00:23 What Is Gluttony?
10:28 Travel Light Shirlette Ammons
15:37 Interview with David Jinks
24:12 The Rise of Emoticons
29:19 Private Parts Sarah Kay
31:57 Interview with Terence Malick
39:48 Factory Flaws Young Galaxy
44:06 Thanksgiving Gluttony
47:24 The Answer
49:43 Outro
50:08 Finish

Gluttony is the overindulgence and overconsumption of anything to the point of waste. The word derives from the Latin, meaning to gulp down or swallow. Rooted in theology, it is considered a sin if the excessive desire for food trumps the ability to give to those who are most in need.

Today, we take a more expansive view of gluttony, not only of over-consumption of food, but also of technology, in this digital wave of devices.

We’ll talk with David Jinks, ParcelHero’s head of public relations, on the increasing use of emoticons for communicating transactions in quick, relatable icons. We’ll also chat with other guests, give a third eye perspective, and more.

But first watch our video where we take our questions to the streets of NYC!


Private Parts – Sarah Kay

Factory Flaws – Young Galaxy

Travel Light – Shirlette Ammons

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