Mirror Week

Premiere DateNov 26, 2015
Categories Media Talk
00:26 The Power of Mirrors
13:21 Wobbly Kelley Stoltz
16:16 Interview with Cynthia L Ogden
25:22 Reflections on Obesity
32:20 Spoken Word
35:23 Third Eye
36:18 Interview with Austin Young
52:31 Pin Secure Darkstar
57:22 Reflections on Activism
60:33 The Answer
62:04 Outro
62:17 Finish

Today’s podcast is about the power of reflections. Before mirrors came along, the average person went through life without ever seeing a truly accurate representation of his or her face, just fragmentary, distorted glances in pools of water or polished metals.

Now, mirrors can be found in our regular morning routine, but how does science and art help us more deeply reflect on the mirror images we see?

We’ll talk with Cynthia L. Ogden, an epidemiologist and expert in obesity, a growing epidemic in this country. She speaks with us about her latest research into the prevalence of obesity in different ethnic groups as well as genders.

We’ll also chat with Austin Young on his art activism work in the collective called Fallen Fruit. He speak with us about how he mirrors our agricultural system in his artwork in order to create a neutral activism that strays away from a polarizing dialogue.

But first watch our video where we take our questions to the streets of NYC!


Private Parts – Sarah Kay

Pin Secure – Darkstar

Wobbly – Kelley Stoltz

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