Focus Week

Premiere DateApr 21, 2016
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00:00 Echoes
00:26 Intro
00:48 Take a Breath and Focus
01:52 Taking It To The Streets
04:07 What We Do to Focus
07:51 Sweet Saturn Mine (Sean Ono Lennon De Mix)- The Moonlandingz
12:03 Dr. Jones Talks Sexology
24:59 Focusing More on Sexual Healing
27:46 Spoken Word
39:37 Third Eye (Eddie Tudurri Talks Musical Wisdom)
53:12 Princess Century Bros vs. UFOS
59:27 Music Helps Focus
62:02 Outro
62:18 Finish

This week is Focus Week. Let’s all take a step back from the rush, inhale a deep breath, and concentrate our minds on the ways in which we can better focus and center both our bodies and minds.

We’ll talk with Stephanie Hunter Jones, a Los Angeles based Sexologist, sex-positive therapist, intimacy advisor, artist, and writer with 16 years of experience in her field. She’ll talk with us about learning to focus on aspects of our relationships that we can often neglect, which can help us feel healthier and happier.

For our Third Eye perspective into the question this week we’ll wrap it up by talking with Eddie Tuduri, the CEO and Founder of The Rhythmic Arts Project which educates individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Differences by embracing a curriculum that encompasses rhythm as a vehicle to learning skills such as reading, writing and arithmetic.

Be sure to check out as we take our questions to the streets!

Also check out the top reasons why music helps the brain and learning.

Sweet Saturn Mine (Sean Ono Lennon De-Mix)- The Moonlandingz

Princess Century – Bros vs. UFOS

Brenna Twohy – Anxiety- A Ghost Story

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