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Premiere DateJan 23, 2014
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00:00 Welcome to Episode 95: Change Week!
01:52 Matt and Jen with the week on BTR, today's guests, and activism at the Oscars.
08:29 Forgiven/Forgotten Angel Olsen
10:18 Butt Talk, only on BTR!
11:16 Roundtable on sexual assault across college campuses, Part 1
17:49 Matt and Jen with the week in independent media
22:45 Update Joey Bada$$
27:38 Wednesdays with DJ RePete, only on BreakThru Radio!
28:00 Roundtable on sexual assault across college campuses, Part 2
36:37 Matt and Jen with your promotional air raid!
40:19 Interview with Marguerite Ward, Part 1
46:29 Matt and Jen with the week in underreported news in the mainstream media
50:57 Keep Pushing On John Maus
54:08 The Raggae Hour with DJ Drew, Sundays on BTR!
54:29 Interview with Marguerite Ward, Part 2
60:39 New Life Immigration Xiu Xiu
63:03 Matt and Jen with a preview of next week's show
63:56 Be The Change Laura Lisete Roosar
65:07 Finish

Welcome to Third Eye Weekly — a podcast hosted by BTR’s Matthew DeMello and Jennifer Smith for under-reported news, the spoken word, and radical conversation to keep you informed.

On today’s show, Peter Singer, Director of the Center for 21st Century Security and Intelligence at the Brookings Institution, and co-author of Cybersecurity and Cyberwar: What Everyone Needs To Know joins us to talk about the future of warfare on the web.

You can also catch Peter in this exclusive chat with BTRtv:

This week’s spoken word segments are brought to you by Jared Paul.

As always, don’t forget to check out our Tumblr and Twitter accounts, for the latest in independent media and under-reported news.

The Week in Independent Media:

“Victory in Unlawful Mass Arrest During 2004 RNC the Largest Protest Settlement in History” (Jan 15, New York Civil Liberties Union)

“AT&T buoyed in lobbying push against spectrum auction limits” (Jan 7, Center for Public Integrity)

“Mexico urges vigilantes to stand down in drugs gang conflict” (Jan 14, The Irish Times)

“Afghanistan picks woman for senior police role” (Jan 14, The Telegraph)

“Israeli minister apologizes to Kerry for ‘messianic’ remarks” (Jan 14, NBC News)

The Week in Underreported Stories in the Mainstream Media:

“Chris Christie faces audit on Sandy funds” (Jan 13, Politico)

“Ohio execution drags on for 25 minutes” (Jan 17, USA Today)

“Uganda fights in South Sudan as UN decries atrocities” (Jan 18, The Daily Times)

“Big Oil joins U.K. shale gas hunt” (Jan 13, CNN)

“Bomb kills Pakistani cop who hunted Taliban” (Jan 9, USA Today)

“Suicide bomb attack on Kabul restaurant ‘kills 14’” (Jan 17, BBC News)

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The Thermals
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Feb 21 – Velvet Jones – Santa Barbara, CA
Feb 22 – Troubadour – West Hollywood, CA
Feb 23 – SLO Brew – San Luis Obispo, CA

Cold War Kids
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Jan 25 – House of Blues – Atlantic City, NJ
Feb 5 – Barclays Center – Brooklyn, NY
May 9 – Atlantic Station – Atlanta, GA

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Jan 25 -The Theater at the 14th Street Y – New York, NY

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