Third Eye Weekly

Premiere DateJul 12, 2012
Categories Media Talk
00:00 The Rundown Episode 9: Birthday Week
01:05 Matt and Jen break down today's show
04:29 Younger Us Japandroids
07:42 Jen introduces…
07:50 Interview with Jeff Jaffe of Pop International Galleries, Part 1
16:58 Matt takes a quick mic break
17:08 Modern Man Arcade Fire
21:26 Interview with Jeff Jaffe of Pop International Galleries, Part 2
28:47 Matt and Jen with your promotional air raid!
29:26 End at The Beginning Asobi Seksu
33:38 Interview with DJ Latola, Part 1
41:09 Jen takes a quick mic break
41:21 Happy Birthday to Me (Feb. 15) Bright Eyes
45:09 Interview with DJ Latola, Part 2
54:06 A Birthday Bash Cursive
58:19 Matt and Jen with the outro
59:06 Back to the Natural State of Nothing Cody Weber
60:36 Finish

Welcome all to the ninth episode of Third Eye Weekly, BreakThru Radio’s new current events podcast. This week marks the 50th anniversary of Andy Warhol’s first one-man exhibition at the Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles, where he debuted his now famous screen prints of Campbell’s soup cans. In honor of the occasion, we have more of our conversation with Jeff Jaffe, the founder of Pop International Galleries, about the current state of Pop art.

One of Andy Warhol’s famous Campbell’s Soup Cans 1968 screenprint. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Later in the program, we celebrate BTR’s birthday with the company’s first employee, DJ Latola. He sits down for a discussion on the site’s humble beginnings as well as his own in the industry and the impact the internet is having on music listening habits.

Today’s spoken word segments feature the talents of Cody Weber. If you’d like to submit a poem for our consideration to be played/read/performed on the show, send the text of your poem in a Word document format to thirdeyeweekly at gmail dot com. Feel free to send an mp3 of your file but if you do, of course, we’ll have to take the file’s sound quality into consideration. So just be prepared to have one of us read your poem on the air (you know, if we like it) if we can’t tell what you’re saying.

So without further ado…

The Playlist!



Official Celebration Rock cover art.


July 13 – Pitchfork Music Festival – Chicago, IL
July 29 – Fuji Rock Festival – Nigata, Japan
Aug 01 – 100 Club – London, UK
Aug 14 – Parades De Coura Festival – Ponte Do Lima, Portugal
Aug 16 – Workmans Club – Dublin, Ireland


Official I am Gemini cover art.


Jul 27 – Subterranean – Chicago, IL
Jul 28 – Wicker Park Festival – Chicago, IL
Jul 29 – The Bishop – Bloomington, IN
Jul 30 – Rumba Cafe – Columbus, OH
Jul 31 – The Loft – Lansing, MI

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