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Premiere DateOct 10, 2013
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00:00 Welcome to Episode 74: Intoxication Week
01:41 Matt and Jen with the week on BTR, today's guests, and the throwback songs we can't let go
06:59 Your Love Is Calling My Name The War on Drugs
12:33 Butt Talk with Adam Newman and Nate Fernald, only on BTR!
13:30 Interview with Dr. John Cianca, Part 1
18:33 Matt and Jen with the week in independent media
22:27 Intoxicated Dreams Mellow Hype
25:30 Dr. John Cianca, Part 2
32:47 Matt and Jen with your promotional air raid!
33:25 Her Name Khary Jackson
36:49 Top of the Dome with DJ Margaret,
37:20 A chat on "throwback songs" with DJ Jordan and Dan Ozzi, Part 1
41:19 Matt and Jen with the week in under reported news
44:14 Heaven and Hell Eternal Summers
47:17 A chat on "throwback songs" with DJ Jordan and Dan Ozzi, Part 2
51:52 Losing Touch Bleeding Rainbow
56:22 Matt and Jen with the outro
57:29 Wile E. Coyote (Live at the 2010 National Poetry Slam) Shane Hawley
60:30 Finish

Welcome to Third Eye Weekly — a podcast hosted by BreakThru Radio’s Matthew DeMello and Jennifer Smith for under-reported news, the spoken word, and radical conversation to keep you informed.

On today’s show, we’re joined by Dr. John Cianca, one of the founders and past presidents of the International Institute of Race Medicine, formerly known as the American Road Race Medical Society, as well as Medical Director of the Houston Marathon since 1998. He joins us to talk about the little known dangers of water intoxication faced by endurance athletes and marathon runners.

And after the promotional air raid, Dan Ozzi, blogger for Jaded Punk and Guest Editor for Noisey, the new music channel from VICE, joins BTR’s Jordan Reisman to discuss the age gap in the pop punk generation and the inevitable nostalgic addiction to “throwback songs” that has grown from it.

Don’t forget to check out Jordan’s own podcast, Discovery Corner on BTR.

Plus, next week is CMJ week. Remember to mark your calendars for BreakThru Radio’s very own CMJ showcase at the Grand Victory in Brooklyn on Saturday, October 29th.

Today’s spoken word segments feature the work of Khary Jackson and Shane Hawley, both courtesy of the National Poetry Slam.

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The Week in Independent Media:

“Pentagon spent $5.5bn only hours before govt shutdown” (Oct 3, RT)

“Pentagon’s $5.5 Billion Dollar Shutdown Spending Spree” (Oct 3, The Fiscal Times)

“California Poised to Broaden Access to Abortions” (Sept 30, ProPublica)

“U.S. sanctions Rwanda, others over child soldiers” (Oct 3, Reuters)

“US blocks military aid to Rwanda over alleged backing of M23 child soldiers” (Oct 4, The Guardian)

“BP wins reprieve over Gulf spill payouts” (Oct 3, The Financial Post)

“BP Wins Reprieve Over Gulf Oil Spill Payouts” (Oct 3, Daily Finance)

“Silk Road underground market closed — but others will replace it” (Oct 3, The Guardian)

“Israel ready to tackle nuclear Iran ‘alone’: Netanyahu” (Oct 2, The Times of India)

“Iran will be judged by its actions, Kerry tells Israel” (Oct 3, GlobalPost)

The Week in Under-Reported News:

“Dollar sinks to 8-month low after US shutdown” (Oct 1, BBC News)

“U.S. Government Shutdown Sinks Dollar” (Oct 1, Forbes)

“Citigroup Fined Over Early Release of Report on Apple Supplier” (Oct 3, The Wall Street Journal)

“Citigroup fined $30 million after analyst sent report to SAC, others” (Oct 3, Reuters)

“30 Greenpeace activists charged with piracy in Russia” (Oct 3, The Guardian)

“Russia charges 30 with piracy in Greenpeace protest” (Oct 4, CNN)

“Russian Embassy in Libya attacked by armed mob, 1 Libyan killed” (Oct 02, Fox News)

“Water 6,700 times more radioactive than legal limit spills from Fukushima” (Oct 3, NBC News)

“Fukushima leaks: radioactive water overflows tank” (Oct 3, BBC News)

Without further ado …

The Playlist!

The Music!

The War on Drugs
(Official Slave Ambient cover art)
December 28 – Northcote Social Club – Northcote, Australia
Eternal Summers
(Official Correct Behavior cover art)
October 19 – The Grand Victory – Brooklyn, NY
(Official Yellowhite cover art)
October 30 – Pub Rock – Scottsdale, AZ
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