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Premiere DateMay 9, 2013
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00:00 Third Eye Weekly, Episode 51: Psych Week
01:33 Matt and Margaret on BTR this week, today's show, and news we're psyched about
07:03 Neverland The Knife
10:25 Interview with Caroline Rothstein, Part 1
17:29 Matt and Margaret with the week in independent media
21:17 Long Tokes (feat. Cavalier) Quelle Chris
24:14 Interview with Caroline Rothstein, Part 2
31:16 Matt and Margaret with your promotional air raid.
31:58 An Invitation to Let Go Caroline Rothstein
34:20 Interview with Jennifer Grimes
41:27 Matt and Margaret with the week in under reported news
45:13 Dead in Your Head Bleached
48:57 A sneak peak at our BTR TV interview with Andrew W.K. and Cherie Lily!
58:51 Jesus, He's Alright! Team Spirit
62:10 Matt and Margaret with next week on BTR
63:16 Therapy Caroline Rothstein
65:22 Finish

It’s Psych Week on BTR! On today’s Third Eye Weekly podcast, we’re joined by Caroline Rothstein, a New York City-based writer, performer, and eating disorder recovery advocate, who specializes in spoken word poetry, theater, creative nonfiction, journalism, and performance art.

You may be already familiar with Caroline’s (Lady Gaga-approved) poetry since we’ve played it before on Third Eye, and Caroline was one of our first guests for our old spoken word podcast, Writer’s Block, a few years back.

She joins us today to talk about her new long form article now available on about the young actors who starred in the 1995 film Kids and where those kids have ended up today. She’s also going to read us a few poems later in the program.

Kids (1995) official trailer:

And later in the show, Jennifer O. Grimes is a research assistant at Wellesley College. She studies social neuroscience, and introversion and its correlates. She earned a BA at Wellesley College in Psychology, an MA in interdisciplinary studies (foci of Philosophy, Psychology, and Neuroscience) and a Cognitive Sciences certificate at the University of Central Florida. Her work includes conceptual revision and redefinition of models of introversion with interdisciplinary methodology for empirical exploration, and she is currently working on a book to set forth her new model.

A few years ago, Jennifer interviewed several musicians performing in Ozzfest in order to get a better idea of how they balance their contradictory bouts of extroversion and introversion. Her work has been referenced by numerous sources on the subject of this duality in creative personalities, specifically by The Huffington Post and Psychology Today.

She joins us to discuss her work in greater detail, as well as provide us with extra insight into what makes a creative personality tick. When she’s not extroverting about introversion or introverting in a psych lab, Jennifer may be riding her Arabian horses with whom she has won multiple national championships. She also loves music and has played bass for a melodic metal band.

Also, stay tuned after your under-reported news update for a sneak preview of our BTR TV interview with Andrew W.K. and BTR Discovery Artist Cherie Lily. You can also catch the full video this coming Wednesday under the Videos tab on

The Week in Independent Media:

“Silicon Valley stomps on digital disclosure bill” (May 4, RT)

“FDA warns manufacturers of possible crackdown on caffeinated candies and snacks” (May 3, Raw Story)

“The Walt Disney Company pulls out of Bangladesh: Will that make workers safer?” (May 3, Christian Science Monitor)

“Disney pulled out of Bangladesh factories in March amid safety concerns ( May 3, UPI)

“Taksim showdown turns Istanbul into battlefield, paralyzes life” (May 1, Today’s Zaman)

“Turkish police, May Day protesters clash in Istanbul” (May 1, Reuters)

“Turkish police fire tear gas in clashes with Labor Day protesters” (May 1, CNN)

“US extends targeted sanctions against Myanmar” (May 3, Global Post)

“Hundreds protest against China chemical plant” (May 4, Al Jazeera)

The Week in Under-Reported News:

“UN: Gitmo force-feeding is inhumane” (May 3, Salon)

“Gitmo dilemma: Force-feeding violates international law” (May 3, MSNBC)

“Human trafficking alleged at D.C.-area Saudi diplomatic compound” (May 2, CBS)

“Official: Human trafficking probe at Saudi diplomat’s home” (May 3, CNN)

“Lamar Smith: Science Peer Review Process Would ‘Improve’ With Political Oversight” (Apr. 30, Huffington Post)

“Commerce Secretary Nominee Tied to Bank Scandal” (May 2, Common Dreams)

“Commerce Secretary nominee tied to ongoing labor union struggle” (May 2, MSNBC)

“Unemployment Down for all Veterans in April” (May 3, VAntage Point)

“Unemployment report shows rates looking up for veterans” (May 3, Washington Post)

“China arrests 900 in fake meat scandal” (May 3, The Guardian)

“China arrests hundreds over fake or tainted meat” (May 3, BBC)

So without further ado…

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The Music:

The Knife (Official Silent Shout cover art)
May 09 – Roundhouse – London, UK
May 11 – Columbiahalle – Berlin, Germany
May 12 – Vega – Copenhagen, Denmark
May 13 – Vega – Copenhagen, Denmark
May 15 – Sentrum Scene – Oslo, Norway
May 16 – Hangaren Subtopia – Stockholm, Sweden

Bleached (Official Ride Your Heart cover art)
May 17 – Area 51 – Eindhoven, Netherlands
May 18 – Le Guess Who? Festival – Utrecht, Netherlands
May 20 – Brudenell Social Club – Leeds, UK
May 21 – Art School – Glasgow, UK
May 22 – Corsica Studios – London, UK
May 23 – La Fleche d’Or – Paris, France

Team Spirit (Official Team Spirit EP cover art)
May 23 – Do317 Lounge – Indianapolis, IN
May 28 – Mississippi Studios – Portland, OR
May 30 – Brock & Mortar Music Hall – San Francisco, CA
May 31 – The Echo – Los Angeles, CA
Jun 01 – Constellation Room at the Observatory – Santa Ana, CA
Jun 03 – Larimer Lounge – Denver, CO

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