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Premiere DateMar 28, 2013
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00:00 The Rundown Welcome to Episode 46: Optimism Week
01:20 Matt and Jen on today's guest, what's on BTR this week, and the news we feel optimistic about
10:00 Righteous Minds Joey Bada$$
13:23 Nights of Our Lives, the Last Tuesday of Every Month on BTR
14:04 Interview with Senator Ted Kaufman, Part 1
21:40 Matt and Jen with the week in independent media
24:30 Sun, Arise! (An Invocation, An Introduction) Phosphorescent
27:23 Interview with Senator Ted Kaufman, Part 2
31:53 Matt and Jen with your promotional air raid!
32:45 On Gentleness Jamaal May
34:12 Godbless Weirdmerica, Wednesdays on BTR
34:30 Open Mind Wilco
37:56 Interview with Senator Ted Kaufman, Part 3
43:05 Matt and Jen with the week in under reported news
46:35 Yellow Fields The Rice Cakes
49:47 Interview with Senator Ted Kaufman, Part 4
56:26 Creep On Creepin' On Timber Timbre
60:09 Matt and Jen with a preview of next week's show
61:05 The Victory Explosions (Live at the Bowery Poetry Club) Derrick Brown
65:55 Finish

It’s Optimism Week on BTR!

On today’s Third Eye Weekly, former Senator Ted Kaufman of Delaware joins us to talk about The Untouchables, a new documentary by PBS that sheds new light on efforts to bring too-big-to-fail Wall Street banks to justice.

The Untouchables on PBS:

Senator Kaufman on MSNBC talking about putting Wall Street executives in jail:

Spoken word segments from this week’s podcast features the talents of Jaamal May and Derrick Brown.

If you’d like to submit a poem to be featured on the air, please send us an mp3 and the text of the poem to thirdeyeweekly at gmail dot com. Just keep sound quality and next week’s theme (Fan Week!) in mind.

Lastly, to find out more about the stories we discuss on today’s show, check out our Tumblr and Twitter accounts, as well as the following links …

This Week in Independent News:

“U.K. phone-hacking scandal uncover 100s of new cases”  (Mar 18, CBC/AP)

“UK court told 100s more had phones hacked” (Mar 18, Herald Sun)

“Supergrass identifies 800 potential new victims of phone-hacking” (Mar 18, The Independent)

“Microsoft Gives User Data To The U.S. Government Less Often Than Google, But To Foreign Governments Far More” (Mar. 21, Forbes)

“Anonymous releases thousands of alleged records of Israeli officials” (Mar. 22/ed. Mar 23, RT)

“Exclusive: No More Drones For CIA” (Mar 19, The Daily Beast)

“CIA to hand Drone Program Over to Pentagon” (Mar 21, Mashable)

“3D-Printed Gun Maker Gets Federal License to Sell Firearms” (Mar. 17, Mashable)

In Case You Missed It – The Week in Under-Reported News:

“Freddie Mac Sues More Than a Dozen Banks Over Libor” (Mar. 20, Reuters)

“Freddie Mac Sues Multiple Banks Over Libor Manipulation” (Mar. 20, Bloomberg)

“House passes stop-gap budget to avert government shutdown” (Mar 22, AP/Denver Post)

“CPS to close 61 buildings, affecting 30,000 kids” (Mar. 22, Chicago Tribune)

“Preliminary results indicate chemical weapons not used in Syria” (Mar 22, CNN)

“UN to Probe Alleged Chemical Weapons Use in Syria” (Mar 21, ABC News)

“US faces new pressure to act amid charges of chemical attacks in Syria” (Mar. 19, Fox News)

“Probing for Chemical Attacks in Syria” (Mar. 26, Council on Foreign Relations)

“President Barack Obama: U.S. will provide Jordan with $200 million aid package for Syrian refugees” (Mar. 22, Raw Story)

“Syrian rebel military leader refuses to recognize newly elected opposition prime minister” (Mar. 24, Newser)

“Syrian opposition leader resigns” (Mar. 24, RT)

“North Korea Cyber Warfare: Hacking ‘Warriors’ Being Trained In Teams, Experts Say” (Mar. 24, Huffington Post)

“‘Cyber warriors’ from North Korea?” (Mar. 24, Politico)

“North Korea training teams of ‘cyber-warriors’” (Mar. 26, ZDnet)

“North Korea ‘cyber warriors’ fear for South Korea security experts” (Mar 13, AP/National Post)

Without further ado …

The Playlist!

The Music!

(Official Muchacho cover art)
March 28 – The Bishop – Bloomington, IN
March 30 – Hi-Dive – Denver, CO
April 1 – Urban Lounge – Salt Lake City, UT

Joey Bada$$

(Official 1999 cover art)
March 30 – San Manuel Amphitheater – Devore, CA
April 18 – Baltimore Soundstage – Baltimore, MD
June 1 – Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing – Philadelphia, PA


(Official The Whole Love cover art)
March 28 – Hamer Hall, Arts Centre – Melbourne, Australia
April 2 – Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House – Sydney, Australia
April 3 – Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House – Sydney, Australia

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