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Premiere DateMar 21, 2013
Categories Media Talk
00:00 The Rundown Welcome to Episode 45: Reunion Week
01:26 Matt and Jen with what's on BTR this week, today's show, and CNN's coverage of the Stuebenville rape trial.
09:21 Catch Em Before They Vanish Eat Skull
14:09 Interview with Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett, Part 1
22:37 Matt and Jen with the week in independent media
25:48 Alone Together The Tarnished Gold
29:50 Interview with Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett, Part 2
34:51 Matt and Jen with your promotional air raid!
35:27 Love Hungry for Itself Taylor Mali
36:25 Holy Ghost Low
39:19 Interview with Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett, Part 3
45:17 Matt and Jen with the week in under reported news
49:04 Me and My Old School Big K.R.I.T.
52:54 Interview with Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett, Part 4
58:36 Come Home Amatorski
61:11 Matt and Jen with the outro
61:53 One Watt Lover Simone Beaubien
65:00 Finish

It’s Reunion Week at BTR!

Today BTR’s own Jordan Reisman brings us a special extended interview with Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett, the founders of The Found Footage Festival.

This spoken word segments of this week’s podcast feature the talents of Taylor Mali and Simone Beaubien.

If you’d like to submit a poem to be featured on the air, please send us an mp3 and the text of the poem to thirdeyeweekly dot gmail dot com. Just keep sound quality and next week’s theme (Optimism Week!) in mind.

Lastly, to find out more about the stories we discuss on today’s show, check out our Tumblr and Twitter accounts, as well as the following links…

This Week in Independent News:

“Mapping Muslims: NYPD Spying and its Impact on American Muslims” (Mar. 11, CUNY School of Law)

“CLEAR Project Issues Report on Impact of NYPD Surveillance on American Muslims” (Mar. 11, CUNY School of Law)

“NYPD surveillance had ‘devastating’ impact on Muslim communities: report” (Mar. 11, Raw Story)

“After a Powerful Lobbyist Intervenes, EPA Reverses Stance on Polluting Texas County’s Water” (March 13, ProPublica)

“U.S. Treasury Department — Americans may aid Syrian opposition” (Mar. 16, Digital Journal)

“Treasury Dept: Americans Can Send Cash to Syrian Rebels” (Mar. 17, Anti-War)

“British police to use more Tasers amid concerns over stun gun risks – inquiry” (March 17, RT)

“China’s new leadership is ratcheting up pressure on Western tech and media companies” (Mar 15, Quartz)

In Case You Missed It – The Week in Under-Reported News:
“Senate report: JPMorgan lied, misled public” (Mar. 15, Salon)

“JPMorgan Report Piles Pressure on Dimon in Too-Big Debate” (Mar. 15, Bloomberg)

“Iraq war bill: $2 Trillion and rising” (Mar. 15, Arab News)

“Iraq War: 190,000 lives, $2.2 trillion” (Mar. 14, Brown University PR)

“SRCT Ben Emmerson QC Statement on Inquiry 24.01.12” (Mar. 15, Office of High Commissioner of Human Rights)

“U.N. investigator: U.S. drone strikes violate Pakistan sovereignty” (Mar 15, LA Times)

“U.S. drone strikes violate Pakistan’s sovereignty: U.N.” (Mar 15, Reuters)

“China becomes world’s fifth largest arms exporter” (March 18, The AP)

Without further ado …

The Playlist!

The Music!

Eat Skull
(Official III cover art)
May 7 – Douglas Fir Lounge – Portland, OR

Big K.R.I.T
(Official Live From the Underground cover art)
June 13 – Bonnaroo Music Festival – Manchester, TN

(Official Same Stars We Shared cover art)

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