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Premiere DateMar 14, 2013
Categories Media Talk
00:00 Welcome to Episode 44: Hair Week!
01:18 Matt and Jen on today's guests, what's on BTR this week, and Cyndi Lauper's hair.
07:06 Every Little Hair Knows Your Name Jens Lekman
10:09 Interview with Jason Stefaniak and Shiobhan O'Loughlin, Part 1
21:56 Matt and Jen with the week in independent media
24:07 Free Angel Olsen
26:23 Interview with Jason Stefaniak and Shiobhan O'Loughlin, Part 2
35:35 Matt and Jen with your promotional air raid
36:15 Ex Girlfriend with Human Hair (His First Mistake) - Chronic Poet (Sean Avery)
37:43 Talking hair blogs with BTR's Molly Freeman, Part 1
43:56 Matt and Jen with the week in underreported news
47:03 You Naked Jaime Lidell
49:50 Talking hair blogs with BTR's Molly Freeman, Part 2
55:31 Short Hair Conveyor
58:23 Matt and Jen with the outro
59:15 A "Beautiful" Disaster, Why I Embrace Natural Hair and Reject Weave Kayla Reid
62:59 Finish

It’s Hair Week on BTR!

Kicking things off today we have a special interview with filmmakers Jason Stefaniak and Shiobhan O’Loughlin. We featured the audio from Jason and Siobhan’s recent viral video on women’s rights, “This Is My Body,” on an episode for Help Week last month.

And later, BTR’s own Molly Freeman breaks down the best hair blogs the internet has to offer.

This spoken word segments of this week’s podcast feature the talents of Sean Avery and Kayla Reid.

If you’d like to submit a poem to be featured on the air, please send us an mp3 and the text of the poem to thirdeyeweekly dot gmail dot com. Just keep sound quality and next week’s theme (Reunion Week!) in mind.

Lastly, to find out more about the stories we discuss on today’s show, check out our Tumblr and Twitter accounts, as well as the following links…

This Week in Independent News:
“Drone Attacks: Report Says Air Force Erased Drone Data in Afghanistan” (Mar. 10, Epoch Times)

“Air Force reportedly removes drone strike data from website” (Mar. 9, Fox News)

“AF removes RPA airstrike number from summary” (Mar. 8, AirForce Times)

“‘Burn the Data’: Did a Company Try to hide the Risks of MRI Dye Omniscan?” (Mar. 7, ProPublica)

“American Epidemic: Rise in Diabetes Rate is the ‘Main Driver’ of Increased U.S. Medical Costs” (Mar. 8, ThinkProgress)

“The Scariest Climate Change Graph Just Got Scarier” (Mar. 7, Mother Jones)

In Case You Missed It – The Week in Under-Reported News:
“Government shutdown bill passes US House” (Mar. 6, AP/NBC News)

“House passes bill to prevent government shutdown” (Mar. 6, AP/Denver Post)

“GOP Budget Plan Promises to Repeal Obamacare, Cuts Medicaid” (Mar. 12, AP)

“Ted Cruz, Rand Paul Introduce Bill To Prevent Some Drone Killings of U.S. Citizens On American Soil” (Mar. 8, Huffington Post)

“Two Saudis in human rights group get 10 years in prison” (Mar. 10, CNN)

“Israel mistreats Palestinian children in custody: UNICEF” (Mar. 6, Reuters)

So without further ado…

The Playlist!

The Music!

Jens Lekman
(Official I Know What Love Isn’t cover art)
April 22 – Billboard Live – Tokyo, Japan
August 2 – OFF Festival 2013 – Katowice, Poland
August 20 – End of the Road Festival – Salisbury, UK

Angel Olsen
(Official Half Way Home cover art)
April 6 – Rickshaw Stop – San Francisco, CA
April 7 – The Crepe Place – Santa Cruz, CA
April 8 – The Echo – Los Angeles, CA

(Official Conveyor cover art)
March 15 – Uncorked – Austin, TX
March 16 – Lomography Gallery Store – Austin, TX

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