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Premiere DateMay 31, 2012
Categories Media Talk
00:00 The Rundown Episode 3: Travel Week
01:16 Matt and Jen break down today's show, plus a chit chat with BTR's Margaret Jacobi
06:04 Alright You Restless Agesandages
08:40 Margaret Jacobi's interview with Sara Benson, Part 1
14:28 Matt with a mic break
14:39 Funtimes in Babylon Father John Misty
18:00 Margaret Jacobi's interview with Sara Benson, Part 2
23:53 I Won't Be Found The Tallest Man on Earth
26:35 Matt and Jen with your promotional air raid! (And a discussion of our 'Metal Around the World' segment)
32:00 Steady Moving South Raymond Daniel Medina
33:25 Travelling Mary Poppins April Blossom Nicotera
37:00 Syria and Metal Around the World, Part 1
44:53 Matt takes a mic break
45:12 Thorns of Truth Ecliptic Dawn
52:09 Syria and Metal Around the World, Part 2
56:34 Matt and Jen with the outro, and a preview of next week's show
57:07 Convenience Stores Buddy Wakefield
62:07 Finish

This week on Third Eye Weekly, we have more of Margaret Jacobi’s interview with Sara Benson, travel guide writer for such prestigious publications as National Geographic and Lonely Planet, as well as her own blog, The Indie Traveler.

And later, we explore metal around the world by talking with Mike Hill, an ambitious artist who endeavored to draw a world map and a timeline categorizing every metal band in existence. In researching this piece, however, we became engrossed in the stories of two Syrian metal bands, Netherion and Ecliptic Dawn. We speak to members of both groups about their troubles sharing their music in Syria, where the metal scene is still largely underground.

Due to the secrecy surrounding metal in Syria and out of respect for our source’s desire to remain anonymous, last names have been omitted in some instances. For those interested in learning the latest information surrounding the Syrian conflict, we invite you to check out this live blog feed from Al Jazeera.

For more information on these bands, check out their respective websites linked above. Also, for your viewing pleasure, you can check out a video for Netherion’s excellent track, “Words of Perdition” below.


Today’s spoken word segments feature the talents of Raymond Daniel Medina, April Blossom Nicotera, and the incomparable Buddy Wakefield. If you’d like to submit a poem for our consideration to be played/read/performed on the show, send the text of your poem in a Word document format to thirdeyeweekly at gmail dot com. Feel free to send an mp3 of your file (like April did) but if you do, of course, we’ll have to take the file’s sound quality into consideration. So just be prepared to have one of us read your poem on the air (you know, if we like it) if we can’t tell what you’re saying.

So without further ado…

The Playlist!

The Music!


Official Alright You Restless cover art.


Jul 28 – Sawtooth Music Festival – Stanley, ID
Aug 10 – Summer Meltdown Festival – Bellingham, WA

Father John Misty

Official Fear Fun cover art.


Jun 02 – Primarvera Sound – Barcelona, Spain
Jun 03 – Privatclub – Berlin, Germany
Jun 04 – Ekko – Utrecht, Netherlands
Jun 06 – Shacklewell Arms – London, United Kingdom
Jun 07 – Trix – Antwerp, Belgium

The Tallest Man on Earth

Official Shallow Grave cover art.


Jun 01 – Sodra Teatern – Stockholm, Sweden
Jun 03 – Nya Pustervik – Gothenburg, Sweden
Jun 12 – The Wiltern – Los Angeles, CA
Jun 15 – QET – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Jun 19 – Town Hall – New York, NY
Jun 20 – Town Hall – New York, NY

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