Creativity Week

Premiere DateJan 14, 2016
Categories Media Talk
00:00 Echoes
00:37 The Art of Creativity
01:46 Taking It To The Streets
04:27 Searching for a Muse
07:36 Crystal Clear The Garden
09:52 Poet Ellen Bass Talks Slaughtering Chickens
34:37 Finding Beauty in the Strangest Places
38:03 Spoken Word
40:41 Third Eye
41:11 Trinity de Guzman Talks Ayahuasca Healings in America
61:31 Drawn Kiasmos
65:46 Trinity Talks Ayahuasca Healings (Part II)
78:57 The Psychedelic Experience, Meditation, and Creation
84:55 Outro
85:09 Finish

It seems that our creative selves exist due to longings — for answers, revelations, and even belonging. It is the paradoxical task us humans have to be fueling the creative impulses while simultaneously feeling a sense of belonging.

We speak with two creative individuals who long for things that are both outside and within themselves.

We’ll talk with Trinity De Guzman, one of the founders of Ayahuasca Healings,  a Peruvian spiritual retreat that has become the first church in America to offer Ayahuasca rituals to the public.

We’ll also chat with Ellen Bass, an award-winning poet from Santa Cruz whose recent book of poetry, Like A Beggar, was featured on the New Yorker Poetry Podcast. Her poems have appeared in hundreds of journals and anthologies, including The Atlantic Monthly and The American Poetry Review.

Also, check out our video as we take questions out to the streets of NYC!

You can also watch Zach and Lisa discuss the topic of this week’s podcast.


Drawn – Kiasmos

Crystal Clear – The Garden

Sarah Kay

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