Excess Week

Premiere DateAug 13, 2015
Categories Media Talk
00:00 Echoes
00:32 The Question
01:36 Taking It To The Streets
03:39 Our Obsessive Habits
06:56 Hot Dog Slime
10:40 Introducing Paul Brewer
11:12 Brewer Talks Satire and Politics
18:33 Television Political Comedies
23:08 Fantastic Breasts and Where to Find Them Brenda Twohy
26:01 Introducing Niraj Naik
26:39 Naik Talks Excessive Sugar and Coca Cola
40:59 Excessive Diets
43:44 Everybody The Good Life
47:29 Third Eye Introducing Ken Bretschneider
48:10 Bretschneider Talks VR Parks
66:56 The Power of Virtual Reality
68:02 Outro
68:17 Haiku
68:22 Finish

Today’s podcast is about excess. It comes in many forms, whether it’s binge watching, social media, or even fast food.

What are the different forms of excess we should be mindful of, and when is it okay?

We’ll talk with Paul Brewer, author of a recent study that looked into the effects of satirical television news on Climate Change perceptions.

We’ll also chat with Niraj Naik, former pharmacist who now helps heal others through holistic practices such as, music therapy, ayurveda and meditation.

Lastly, for our Third Eye perspective into the question this week we’ll wrap it up by talking with Ken Bretschneider, CEO of a startup called The Void–which will take gaming to a new dimension with a set of immersive virtual reality theme parks.

Be sure to watch our video when we take our question of the week out to the streets!

Also you can watch our interview with Niraj Naik on his holistic work to help wean people off addictive, sugary drinks like Coca-cola. You can learn more about his practices at TheRenegadePharmacist.com


Slime – “Hot Dog”

The Good Life – “Everybody”

Brenna Twohy – “Fantastic Breasts and Where To Find Them”

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