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Premiere DateSep 6, 2012
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00:00 The Rundown Episode 17: Free Week
01:04 Matt and Jen breakdown today's episode
05:57 Set 'Em Free Akron/Family
08:28 A brief introduction to…
09:31 Interview with Paul Stein of The Occuponics, Part 1
18:07 Matt takes a brief mic break to introduce...
18:15 Never Stop the Spring The Occuponics
20:15 Interview with Paul Stein of The Occuponics, Part 2
26:47 Matt and Jen with your promotional air raid!
27:52 Sidewalk Chalk Andrea Gibson
31:13 Interview with Arian Croft of Ill Gotten Games, Part 1
37:13 Jen takes a quick mic break to introduce…
37:19 Easy/Lucky/Free Bright Eyes
42:33 Interview with Arian Croft Ill Gotten Games, Part 2
47:54 Set Me Free The Lijadu Sisters
53:01 Open Bar EDM
58:06 Matt and Jen with the outro
58:46 Cheap Rent (live) Derrick Brown
62:43 Finish

It’s Free Week on BTR!

First, Jen sits down with Paul Stein of The Occuponics, a musical outfit founded “in the energy, experience, and values of the Occupy Wall Street movement,” according to its website.

As we near the anniversary of Occupy Wall Street on Sept. 17, we wondered about the liberating aspect of music and how a good tune can contribute to the spirit of the times or the makings of a movement.

And later, Matt speaks with Arian Croft, lead designer of Ill Gotten Games, a company that recently made headlines in the tech world for developing a tabletop strategy game where users can design their own pieces using open source coding and 3-D printers.

Today’s spoken word segments feature the talents of Derrick Brown and Andrea Gibson.

If you’d like to submit a poem to be played on the show, feel free to send an MP3 to thirdeyeweekly at gmail dot com, but do keep sound quality in mind!

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Without further ado …

The Playlist!

The Music!


(Official Set ‘Em Wild, Set ‘Em Free cover art)

September 6 – Red 7 – Austin, TX
September 7 – Fitzgerald’s – Houston, TX
September 8 – Trinity Groves – Dallas, TX

Bright Eyes

(Official Digital Ash in a Digital Urn cover art)


(Official Night People cover art)

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