Roots Week

Premiere DateJul 23, 2015
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00:00 Echoes
00:50 The Question
02:00 Taking It To The Streets
04:49 Tracing Roots Back to Mafiosos
08:15 Butterfly Knives Jessie Jones
11:50 Introducing Matthew Cipriani
12:17 Cipriani Talks Tracing Family Lineage
26:13 Tracing Roots Back to Portugal
30:43 Almosts Bianca Phipps
33:33 Introducing Claudia Joseph
34:14 Joseph Talks Permaculture
46:58 More Sustainable Roots for the Future
49:27 La Loba Jessie Jones
56:26 Hamilton Talks Being Born Into A Celebrity
70:12 Celebrities Who Share Our Birthdays
75:29 Outro
75:48 Finish

Today’s podcast is about roots. Nobody exists in a vacuum on this planet. In some shape or form we all have long-standing roots that ground us. Today we learn and ask: What are the roots that make us who we are and sustain us?

Our first guest this week is Matthew Cipriani, founder and senior researcher at Refmen research, who helps individuals trace back family lineages and genealogical histories.

We’ll also chat with Claudia Joseph, founder and director of New York Permaculture Exchange, who helps communities in Brooklyn find their roots in healthy, sustainable produce.

Lastly, for our Third Eye perspective into the question this week we’ll wrap it up by talking with Mark Hamilton, a social scientist in the department of Communications at the University of Connecticut who was part of a research that revealed some potential links with birth months and the likelihood of becoming a celebrity.

Check Lisa Autz & Zach Schepis take this week’s question to the streets!

Also check out our interview with Claudia Joseph, founder and director of New York Permaculture Exchange.


Butterfly Knives & La Loba – Jessie Jones

Almosts – Bianca Phipps

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