Reality Week

Premiere DateJul 16, 2015
Categories Media Talk
00:00 Echoes
00:54 The Question
02:04 Taking It To The Streets
09:39 What Is Reality?
13:33 Nothing Solutions Georgia
16:55 Introducing Roger Frisch
17:38 Frisch Talks Brain Surgery
31:06 Power of the Mayo Clinic
35:03 When Love Arrives Phil and Sarah Kaye
39:28 Introducing Diana Brownstone
39:55 Brownstone Talks Astrological Breakthroughs
58:42 Misconceptions of Astrology
62:29 Pages of Gold Morrissey
66:23 Third Eye
66:56 Introducing Madeline Schwartzman
67:33 Schwartzman Talks the Beauty of Strangers
91:24 The Answer
94:34 Outro
94:49 Haiku
95:11 Finish

Welcome to Third Eye Weekly. On this podcast we try and answer the big questions with intimate, personal narratives that give insight into the human experience that others might over-look.

Today’s podcast is about reality. As the writer John Gardner once wrote, “We create the universe blink by blink.” How do our passions help dictate the worlds around us–to what extent can we use them to open our own minds, and enrich the lives of others?

Our first guest this week is Roger Frisch, an associate concert-master with the Minnesota Orchestra. He miraculously played his violin while undergoing a surgery to remove a career-threatening tumor from his brain.

We’ll also chat with Diana Brownstone, one of the most sought out astrologers in New York City. She’ll tell us about what it takes to get certified to do readings and help us explore the complexities of astrology and planetary cycles.

Lastly, for our Third Eye perspective into the question this week we’ll wrap it up by talking with Madeline Schwartzman–a native New York artist, architect, teacher, and filmmaker, who has spent the past couple of years asking strangers on the subways of New York City to write poems on the spot.

Be sure to check out a video of our interviews with people on the streets

Also check out our interview with Diana Brownstone, one of the most sought out astrologers in New York City.


Georgia – “Nothing Solutions”

Morrissey – “Pages of Gold”

Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye – “When Love Arrives”

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