Rain Week

Premiere DateJun 11, 2015
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00:00 Echoes
00:44 The Question
02:23 Taking It To The Streets
04:19 Appreciating a Rainy Day
08:28 Lantern Hudson Mohawke
10:28 Introducing Lorraine Flint
10:45 Flint Talks Global Climate Models
26:28 Conserving Our Water
30:43 Rain Meghan Falley
34:16 Introducing James Bird
35:00 Bird Talks Bubbles and Rain's Aerosols
47:55 The Implications of Bacteria and Rain
51:28 Running with the Wolves Aurora
54:40 Third Eye Introducing Andrew Lawler
56:14 Lawler Talks Lost Tribes of the Rainforest
69:19 Protecting Secrets of the Rainforest
73:40 Outro
73:57 Haiku
74:10 Finish

Welcome to Third Eye Weekly. On this podcast we try and answer the big questions with intimate, personal narratives that give insight into the human experience that others might over-look.

Today’s podcast is about stuff that falls from the sky. It’s raining, it’s pouring, and the old man is snoring.

Singing in the rain, yes we’re singing in the rain. What a wonderful feeling–we’re happy again!

In case you haven’t already guessed, this week’s episode is about rain. There’s a lot more than meets the eye behind something we take for granted, and we’re about to tune our third eyes onto why.

We’ll talk with Lorraine Flint, a research hydrologist at the United States Geological Study. She’ll be talking with us about how hydraulic models are used to evaluate local and regional water sources in order to deduct influences from climate change.

We’ll also chat with James Bird, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Boston University with a Ph. D from Harvard who researches fluid dynamics with a specific focus on the capillary dynamics of drops and bubbles. He’ll share some of his insights into a new discovery recently made by MIT about rain releasing aerosols

Lastly, for our Third Eye perspective into the question this week we’ll wrap it up by talking with Andrew Lawler, an established freelance reporter who recently wrote an article regarding a lost tribe that is making itself known in the heart of the Peruvian rainforest.

Be sure to check out a video of our interviews with people on the streets

You can also check out a video of our interview with Andrew Lawler


Music & Poetry

“Lantern” by Hudson Mohawke

“Running With Wolves” by Aurora

“Rain” – Megan Falley

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