Third Eye Weekly

Premiere DateApr 23, 2015
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00:00 Echoes
00:29 The Question
01:46 Taking It To The Streets
05:12 Can We Save the Climate?
09:52 Everything's Gonna Be Alright – Saint James Band
10:17 Introducing Kerry Emanuel
10:56 Emanuel Talks Hurricanes
22:04 Reflection on Storms and the Climate
24:26 Honest Speach – Erin Schick
27:35 Introducing Ken Johnson
28:11 Johnson Talks Fossil Fuel and Solar Power
42:53 Reflections on the Sun's Potential
46:31 Wish I Had Answered – Mavis Staples
49:19 Third Eye
49:50 Introducing the PIERIS Project
50:38 PIERIS Project Talks Butterflies
68:31 The Answer
71:35 Outro
71:48 Haiku
72:04 Finish

Welcome to Third Eye Weekly. On this podcast we try and answer the big questions with intimate, personal narratives that give insight into the human experience that others might over-look.

Today’s podcast is about our climate. We are looking at various perspectives into understanding our planet’s climate. The debate on whether human behavior is contributing to warming temperatures of provides us with interesting questions into expertise, perspective and behavioral awareness.

Our big question today is: How truly anthropogenic are the fluctuations of our planet’s atmospheric temperatures?

We’ll talk with Dr. Kerry Emanuel, a professor of atmospheric science at MIT who researches the effect warming temperatures have on hurricanes and other types of severe weather.

We’ll also chat with Ken Johnson, vice president of communications at Solar Energy Industries Association, the power company behind the research, manufacture and construction of solar projects both domestically and abroad.

Lastly, for our Third Eye perspective into the question this week we’ll wrap it up by talking with the Pieris Project. It’s a citizen science project designed to study the world’s biodiversity through the collection of the cabbage white butterfly (Pieris rapae) throughout the world.

Be sure to check us out as we take our questions for Climate Week to the streets!

You can also check out a video of our interview with the members of the Pieris Project.


Music & Poetry

Saint James Band

Mavis Staples

Erin Schick “Honest Speech”

Zach Schepis and Lisa Autz have co-hosted BTR's Third Eye Weekly podcast since November 2014. Learn more about Zach and Lisa.