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Premiere DateNov 13, 2014
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00:00 Welcome to Episode 133: Obstacle Week
01:50 Matt and Jen with the week on BTR, today’s show, and the biggest obstacles in 21st century life… that we can think of
08:49 Real Life Sunbeam Sound Machine
11:10 The Reggae Hour w/ DJ Drew, Thursdays on BTR!
11:31 Steve Barley on making squirrels “earn it” in his back yard, Part 1
16:03 Matt and Jen with the week in independent media
21:53 Strange Rage Nots
24:19 Star Power III: What Are We Good For Foxygen
27:40 The Green Mountain Bluegrass Hour w/ DJ Moguls, Sundays on BTR!
28:17 Steve Barley on making squirrels “earn it” in his back yard, Part 2
32:35 Matt and Jen with your promotional air raid!
33:05 Arsenal William Evans
34:10 Kael Donley on being a smokejumper, Part 1
39:07 Matt and Jen with the week in underreported news in the mainstream media
43:54 AOL Dope Body
46:24 Mirror Monster Deerhoof
48:57 Kael Donley on being a smokejumper, Part 2
53:38 Arkansas Elisa Ambrogio
55:59 Matt and Jen with a preview of next week’s show
56:59 An Open Letter to Black People in Horror Movies Omar Holman & Anthony Ragler
59:53 Finish

Welcome to Third Eye Weekly–a podcast hosted by BTR’s Matthew DeMello and Jennifer Smith for underreported news, the spoken word, and radical conversation to keep you informed.

On today’s show, Kael Donley has one of the most dangerous jobs in America. Smokejumpers are the first responders to remote fires in many parts of the country, parachuting out of airplanes to confront blazes.

And later, Steve Barley is on the phone to talk about his efforts to keep squirrels out of his backyard birdfeeder (that ended up being captured in a hilarious viral video).

Today’s spoken word segments feature the talents of William Evans, Omar Holmon, and Anthony Ragler.

As always, don’t forget to check out our Twitter account for the latest in independent media and underreported news.

The Week in Independent Media:

“Health insurers win midterm election!” (Nov 10, The Center for Public Integrity)

“Ballot measure backers spend big, win big” (Nov 6, The Center for Public Integrity)

“There’s More ‘Dark Money’ Than Ever in This Year’s Elections, and It’s a Huge Problem” (Oct 27, Mic)

“How Voter Suppression Helped Produce the Lowest Turnout in Decades” (Nov 7, The Intercept)

“Syrians Embrace Urban Farming” (Nov 7, World Policy Blog)

“Leaked Documents Expose Global Companies’ Secret Tax Deals in Luxembourg” (Nov 5, The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists)

“Ocean Acidification tops the annual list of important stories ignored by mainstream media” (Nov 4, Project Censored)

The Week in Underreported Stories in the Mainstream Media:

“Another Guantanamo detainee returns home” (Nov 6, MSNBC)

“Calif cuts penalties for small drug crimes” (Nov 4, U-T San Diego)

“17 Arrested in Global Raid On ‘Dark Internet’ Following Yesterday’s Silk Road 2.0 Takedown” (Nov 7, Forbes)

“Global Web Crackdown Arrests 17, Seizes Hundreds of Dark Net Domains” (Nov 7, WIRED)

“Google has ‘outgrown its 14-year old mission statement, says Larry Page” (Nov 3, The Guardian)

“FT interview with Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page” (Oct 31, FT Magazine)

“U.S. General: Afghan Forces Death Toll ‘Unsustainable’” (Nov 7, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty)

“US General: The Afghan Army’s Battlefield Casualties Are At An Unsustainably High Level” (Nov 5, Reuters/Business Insider)

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