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Premiere DateSep 25, 2014
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00:00 Welcome to Episode 126: Cooking Week!
01:49 Matt and Jen with the week on BTR, today’s show, and the end game of the People’s Climate March and #FloodWallStreet
10:34 Low Key Tweedy
13:30 The Worldwide Hour with DJ Wynn, Wednesdays on BTR!
13:44 Crofton Black on increased corporate influence over US special operations, Part 1
18:46 Matt and Jen with the week in independent media
25:52 Sundance Saloon Boogie Purling Hiss
27:51 Nights of Our Lives, brand new episode this week on BTR!
28:32 Crofton Black on increased corporate influence over US special operations, Part 2
34:53 Matt and Jen with your promotional air raid!
35:17 I Wouldn’t Want to Be Jesus Jack McCarthy
38:46 Andrew J. Bacevich on the president’s air campaign against ISIS, Part 1
45:43 Matt and Jen with the week in underreported news in the mainstream media
52:02 Cups and Cups Field Report
56:11 Andrew J. Bacevich on the president’s air campaign against ISIS, Part 2
61:46 Thousand Eyes Lia Ices
65:26 Matt and Jen with a preview of next week’s show!
66:28 Product of His Environment Joshua Merchant
70:15 Finish

Welcome to Third Eye Weekly–a podcast hosted by BTR’s Matthew DeMello and Jennifer Smith for underreported news, the spoken word, and radical conversation to keep you informed.

On today’s show, political scientist, author, and professor emeritus with Boston University, Andrew J Bacevich joins us to discuss his recent op-ed for Reuters on President Obama’s announcement on air strikes against the ISIS.

And later, researcher for the Remote Control Project, Crofton Black discusses his work datamining documents from the Department of Defense on the corporate interests involved in the US Special Operations Command.

This week’s spoken word segments feature the talents of Joshua Merchant and Jack McCarthy.

As always, don’t forget to check out our Tumblr and Twitter accounts, for the latest in independent media and underreported news.

The Week in Independent Media:

“OECD’S Tax Crackdown Calls for Global Profit Reporting” (Sept. 18, ICIJ)

“A New Way Insurers are Shifting Costs to the Sick” (Sep 17, ProPublica)

“Everything That’s Happened Since Supreme Court Ruled on Voting Rights Act” (Sep 18, ProPublica)

“Judge Allows North Carolina Voting Law to Hold During Midterms” (Aug 11, TIME magazine)

“Israeli drone conference features weapons used to kill Gaza’s children” (Sep 18, The Electronic Intifada)


The Week in Underreported News in the Mainstream Media:

“The FBI Just Completed Its Facial Recognition System, and It’s Absolutely Terrifying” (Sept. 15, Policy Mic)

“HRC REPORT: EXPORT OF HATE” (Sep 15, Human Rights Campaign)

“HRC Has Targeted Me for Murder” (Sep 17, Scott Lively Ministries)

“Canadian fighter jets intercept Russian bombers in Arctic” (Sept. 19th, CBC News)

“Mass opposition rally in Bahrain rejects royal reforms, calls for full democracy” (Sep 19, Middle East Eye)

“Bahrain activist Maryam al-Khawaja released” (Sep 18, Al-Jazeera)

“Forensic expert Dr. Michael Baden agrees with city medical examiner’s autopsy of Eric Garner” (Sept. 20, NY Daily News)

“Expert says chokehold caused NYC man’s death” (Sept. 19th, Washington Times)

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