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Premiere DateMay 1, 2014
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00:00 Welcome to Episode 103: Connection Week!
01:48 Matt and Jen with the week on BTR, today’s show, and using the religious freedom argument FOR same sex marriage.
09:49 Runner’s High The Hold Steady
13:48 Serious Business with Travis Harrison, Mondays on BTR!
14:19 BTR’s Brian Fencil tells us about the role music plays in uniting hate groups.
20:36 Matt and Jen with last week in independent media
26:11 Despicable Animal Wye Oak
30:51 Via Berlin with DJ Kia, Tuesdays on BTR!
31:08 BTR’s Nicole Stinson tells us what American media doesn’t get about Mexico’s drug cartel problem
39:16 Matt and Jen with your promotional air raid!
39:49 Shrinking Women Lily Myers
43:01 BTR’s Molly Freeman and Blake Jamieson of Medium on his little Tinder experiment, Part 1
48:51 Matt and Jen with last week in underreported news from the mainstream media
54:19 The Dome S. Carey
58:19 BTR’s Molly Freeman and Blake Jamieson of Medium on his little Tinder experiment, Part 2
63:14 We’re Gonna Make It Death
67:14 Matt and Jen with a preview of next week’s show.
68:08 Care Bears Meghan Plunkett
69:41 Finish

Welcome to Third Eye Weekly — a podcast hosted by BTR’s Matthew DeMello and Jennifer Smith for underreported news, the spoken word, and radical conversation to keep you informed.

On today’s show, BTR’s own Brian Fencil talks to us about his story that’s live on the BreakThru Radio frontpage today about the role that music plays in bringing hate groups together. Plus, BTR staff writer Nicole Stinson gives us a peek at life on the other side of the border, beyond the drug cartel-filled headlines surrounding Mexico.

And after the promotional air raid, Blake Jamieson of Medium is on the phone with Molly Freeman of the Hash podcast on BTR talking about his little social media experiment of tricking out his Tinder profile using his marketing background, gaining 800 matches on the popular dating app in the process and living to tell about it.

This week’s spoken word segments feature the talents of Lily Myers and Meghann Plunkett.

As always, don’t forget to check out our Tumblr and Twitter accounts, for the latest in independent media and underreported news.

The Week in Independent Media:

“What Happens When a Dark Money Group blows Off IRS Rules? Nothing” (Apr 25, ProPublica)

“IRS awards more than $1 million in bonuses to tax collector tax cheats” (Apr 22, Watchdog)

“Texas freezes agency’s funding after air pollution data released” (Apr 23, Center for Public Integrity)

“Brazil police clash with angry mourners in Rio” (Apr 25, PressTV)

“Inside the Brutality of Egypt’s New Regime: 2,500 Killed, 16,000 Political Prisoners, Torture Allegations Are Widespread” (Apr 21, Alternet)

The Week in Underreported News in the Mainstream Media:

“Supreme Court Upholds Michigan’s Affirmative Action Ban” (Apr 22, NBC News)

“U.S. Supreme Court rebuffs Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Drug Testing” (Apr 21, The Tampa Bay Times)

“Boehner Acknowledges That Repealing Obamacare ‘Isn’t the Answer’” (Apr 25, Think Progress)

“Gun, Bomb Attacks in Northwest Pakistan Kill 9” (Apr 22, TIME magazine)

“Pakistani Rivals Announce Unity Pact, Drawing U.S. and Israeli Rebuke” (Apr 24, The New York Times)

Without further ado …

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The Hold Steady
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June 27 – The Stone Pony – Asbury Park, NJ
June 28 – The Paramount – Huntington, NY

Wye Oak
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May 5 – Union Transfer – Philadelphia, PA
May 7 – Webster Hall – New York, NY
May 2 – Mr. Small’s Theatre – Millvale, PA

S. Carey
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May 16 – Rue Royale – Leeds, UK

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