The Wednesday Show

Premiere DateOct 8, 2014
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00:00 DJ RePete and your BTR Wednesday
00:26 Fiona Coyne – Saint Pepsi
04:05 Tomorrow – Electric Youth
09:17 Magick – Lia Ices
13:08 Kites – Literature
16:03 Dean & Me – JJ
19:35 DJ RePete and your BTR Wednesday
20:01 Misty's Beside Herself – Sloan
22:44 Ready to Die – The Unicorns
24:25 Paper Dolls – Real Estate
26:56 Netsuke – Field Mouse
30:09 Why I Had To Go – Bishop Allen
33:55 DJ RePete and your BTR Wednesday
34:38 Drum – Hiss Golden Messenger
37:27 Sunfried Dreams (alternate version) – Motel Beds
40:15 The Opposite Of Afternoon – Unknown Mortal Orchestra
44:32 A Tout A L'Heure – Bibio
48:33 DJ RePete and your BTR Wednesday
48:56 One Line Written In – Zeus
51:39 Lots of Lows – Lower Plenty
54:14 Don't You Want To Know? (Sue) – Ty Segall
56:45 Have to Leave You Now – Ark Life
59:35 Everyday – Joel Jerome
61:38 DJ RePete and your BTR Wednesday
62:01 Complete Surrender – Slow Club
65:20 Thought Of Sound – The Rentals
69:00 Operating At A Loss – So Cow
72:29 Something Strong – Hooray For Earth
80:54 DJ RePete and your BTR Wednesday
81:15 To Travel the Path Unknown – Goat
83:35 Lover Killer – My Brightest Diamond
87:26 D major – Loney, Dear
90:11 Finish

BTR starts your Wednesday with DJRePete who’s got more from the latest album by Lia Ices, while Hiss Golden Messenger continues to make a case for a genre he’s calling “autumn.” Plus trippy goodness with My Brightest Diamond, some throwbacks via Bibio and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and an electronica disco pop start to the day with Saint Pepsi. And don’t miss a few festival previews in California and Mexico. That’s your Wednesday start on BTR with DJRePete!

Saint Pepsi

Lia Ices
October 9 – Riot Room – Kansas City, MO

Electric Youth
November 3 – The Roxy Theater – West Hollywood, CA

Bishop Allen
October 8 – Crescent Ballroom – Phoenix, AZ

Field Mouse
(Photo by Field Mouse)

Real Estate
October 11 – Corona Capital Festival – Álvaro Obregón, Mexico

Hiss Golden Messenger
November 7 – Biltmore Cabaret – Vancouver, BC Canada

Unknown Mortal Orchestra
October 18 – Moon Block Party – Pomona, CA

Ark Life
(Photo by Ark Life)
October 12 – Joshua Tree Music Festival – Joshua Tree, CA

Slow Club
October 25 – Paradiso Kleine Zaal – Amsterdam, Netherlands

My Brightest Diamond
October 10 – Parish – Austin, TX

Host DJ RePete
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