The Wednesday Show

Premiere DateSep 10, 2014
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00:00 DJ RePete and your BTR Wednesday
00:28 Hi Fi Goon – Throw Me The Statue
02:59 Fair Game – The Like
05:25 Breakdown – Sick Of Sarah
08:38 Start Over – Sound Method
12:03 Percussion Gun – White Rabbits
15:08 Aliens – Zambri
19:02 DJ RePete and your BTR Wednesday
19:42 Singer Songwriter – Okkervil River
23:09 I’m On Fire – Paper Lions
26:14 Peanut – Quitzow
28:23 Bar Code – White Mud Freeway
32:12 DJ RePete and your BTR Wednesday
32:35 Burning Stars – Mimicking Birds
35:36 What I Love The Most – Beat Radio
39:21 Hometime – One Eskimo
43:47 Do You Remember – Ane Brun
46:55 Holy Branches – Radical Face
50:25 DJ RePete and your BTR Wednesday
51:10 Andy Vs. Dizzy – Ugly Duckling
53:18 The Corner Of Broadway – Animal Nation
56:26 Until My Life Is Gone – Collective Efforts
59:22 I'm Gonna Getcha Back – Eli "Paperboy" Reed & The True Loves
62:20 DJ RePete and your BTR Wednesday
62:59 Blueberry Boy – Small
65:56 Sleep (RAC Remix) – Thomas Tantrum
69:38 Monster (RAC Remix) – You Say Party! We Say Die!
73:32 Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) (The Lionheart Mix) – Florence And The Machine
78:17 DJ RePete and your BTR Wednesday
78:36 Ocarina – Birds & Batteries
81:20 The Unknown – Standfast
84:19 This Tornado Loves You – Neko Case
87:32 DJ RePete and your BTR Wednesday
88:12 Sugar Splash – Delicate Steve
89:51 Finish

DJRePete marks 9 years on the air today with a mix comprised of artists from over the past several years including folk from Neko Case, electronica remixes with Florence and the Machine, and beats by Ugly Duckling. Plus, revisit Remix Artist Collective with spins on You Say Party! We Say Die! as well as Thomas Tantrum. And hit up new music animation news from One Eskimo. Celebrate with DJRePete and this retrospective mix on this BTR Wednesday!

Throw Me The Statue
(Photo by Throw Me The Statue)

Sick Of Sarah
September 25 – North Star Bar – Philadelphia, PA

Paper Lions
September 10 – Dakota Tavern – Toronto, ON Canada

Mimicking Birds
September 23 – Pappy & Harriet’s – Pioneertown, CA

Radical Face
November 2 – Paradiso – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ane Brun
(Photo by Ane Brun)
October 3 – Kulturens hus Luleå – Luleå, Sweden

Animal Nation
September 10 – Tzeachten Hall – Chilliwack, BC, Canada

Delicate Steve
November 9 – Beacon Theatre – New York, NY

Neko Case
(Photo by Neko Case)

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