The Wednesday Show

Premiere DateJul 18, 2012
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00:00 DJ RePete and your BTR Wednesday
00:24 Hi Fi Goon – Throw Me The Statue
02:58 Coaster Game – The Kabeedies
04:25 No Vacation – The Apples In Stereo
08:13 District Menagerie – Exit Clov
12:34 Deli – Delorean
17:04 DJ RePete and your BTR Wednesday
17:40 Fair Game – The Like
20:06 The Professor – Mumsdollar
23:37 Percussion Gun – White Rabbits
26:43 Jail La La – Dum Dum Girls
29:08 Pas Avec Toi – Plasticines
31:58 DJ RePete and your BTR Wednesday
32:45 Not Given Lightly – B. Fleischmann
37:34 Burning Stars – Mimicking Birds
41:03 Pins and Needles – Boca Chica
45:22 This Tornado Loves You – Neko Case
48:34 The Chorus In The Underground – Great Lake Swimmers
51:48 DJ RePete and your BTR Wednesday
52:18 Broken In All The Right Places – I Am Jen
55:45 Green – Mitten
58:27 Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) (The Lionheart Mix) – Florence And The Machine
63:12 I Walk Alone – Music Go Music
66:35 Beautiful Song – CSS
70:00 Dance With You – Alan Wilkis
73:25 DJ RePete and your BTR Wednesday
73:40 Symphonies – Dan Black
77:08 No Way to Win – Height With Friends
79:24 Inside Out – Kristoff Krane
82:31 DJ Linus The Jazz Hole Promo
82:44 Christobel – Joan As Policewoman
85:38 DJ RePete and your BTR Wednesday
86:15 Doped Up Dollies On A One Way Ticket To Blood – Big D & The Kids Table
90:29 Finish

Keep the BTR birthday celebration going today with DJRePete, as he’s spinning a retrospective mix of artists that have broken thru over the last seven years on the station. Tune in for alternative from The Apples in Stereo, folk with Neko Case, and electronica crossover via Florence And The Machine.  Plus, a plethora of outdoor concerts and festivals to highlight, including the upcoming MS Dockville Festival in Hamburg Germany.  That sums up your celebration Wednesday with DJRePete on BTR!

The Kabeedies

August 10 – MS Dockville Festival – Hamburg, Germany

The Like
(Photo courtesy of The Like)

Dum Dum Girls
July 28 – Neptune Theatre – Seattle, WA

White Rabbits
August 3 – Bethlehem Musikfest – Bethlehem, PA

Neko Case
July 18 – Greenfield Lake Ampitheatre – Wilmington, NC

Boca Chica
(Photo by Boca Chica)

Joan As Policewoman
July 19 – Neapolis Festival – Naples, Italy

Alan Wilkis
(Photo courtesy of Alan Wilkis)

Florence And The Machine
July 20 – Deer Lake Park – Burnaby, British Columbia

Host DJ RePete
DJRePete is obsessed with the way we discover music. Each week he kickstarts your Saturday with The Listening Booth with alternative, electronica, hip hop, rock, blues, jazz -- no genre is off limits! The mix is…