Week of 12/23/15

Premiere DateDec 23, 2015
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00:00 DJ RePete
00:25 Sister Of Pearl Baio
04:29 Coughing on the F Train Bombadil
07:53 Up the Academy Mike Pace and the Child Actors
10:44 The Legend of Chavo Guerrero The Mountain Goats
13:37 DJ RePete
14:16 Morning World Teen Daze
18:18 We Stared At The World Find The Others
21:31 Pages of Gold Flo Morrissey
25:10 Gold and Stone Eternal Summers
28:20 Sleepwalking Summer Camp
31:42 DJ RePete
32:21 Necker Cube Saintseneca
35:27 I'll Give You More John Mark Nelson
39:46 Magnet Eyes Little Lapin
43:35 American Troubadour Sugarplum Fairies
45:49 DJ RePete
46:26 On A Dime (Radio Edit) Joel Plaskett
50:25 Tower Blocks The Domestics
53:19 Never Gonna Be Young Again Doug Burr
56:09 If I Were a Portal Evening Hymns
60:20 Sista Festen Dungen
62:40 DJ RePete
62:46 Mrahc Title Fight
64:51 Stupid Dream Born Ruffians
68:22 Landau, Luckman & Lake Tough Age
69:56 Choices Crushed Beaks
73:42 DJ RePete
73:58 Swell Content Speedy Ortiz
75:43 DR DR Dune Rats
77:41 Powerful Man Hop Along
80:59 Plastic Love Peach Kelli Pop
83:03 Youngsters Renny Wilson
85:47 Don't Walk Away Warm Soda
87:33 DJ RePete
88:05 Silver Petals Sword
90:04 Finish

DJRePete starts the countdown to 2016 today with part 1 of his annual BTR Best In Mix. Today he’s spinning a choice set of tracks that ‘broke thru’ on the station in 2015, including alternative from Baio and Mike Pace and the Child Actors, electronica cross-over with Eternal Summers and Teen Daze, and folk with the Sugarplum Fairies and Little Lapin. Plus, Speedy Ortiz headlines a high energy punk alt set to power you into your holiday weekend. That’s your Wednesday start on BTR!

Summer Camp / Photo by Charlotte Rutherford

Eternal Summers / Photo by Eternal Summers

Speedy Ortiz / Photo by Daniel Topete Photography

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Host DJ RePete
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