Week of 12/16/15

Premiere DateDec 16, 2015
Categories Media Music
00:00 DJ RePete
00:24 Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas Beach Slang
03:40 Courtesy Phone Telekinesis
06:01 An Ivory Hand The Cribs
09:47 DJ RePete
10:01 Me 4 Me Oberhofer
13:08 Necker Cube Saintseneca
16:23 Sleepy Dog Wand
18:56 Blind Dune Rats
21:53 Plastic Love Peach Kelli Pop
23:58 DJ RePete
24:27 I’ll Give You More John Mark Nelson
28:45 Anew Soda Shop
31:28 Wait Icky Blossoms
34:29 Glaciers Painted Palms
37:51 DJ RePete
38:11 Housewarming The Mae Trio
41:42 Rain The Mae Trio
44:57 Rescue Teams Evening Hymns
49:49 Narrow Margins Half Moon Run
53:49 Many Moons Martin Courtney
56:20 Gold Little Fevers
59:40 DJ RePete
60:01 Lowly Deserter Glen Hansard
62:57 A Nation’s Cry Stoney Spring
64:44 Blue Sugarplum Fairies feat. Taylor Borsuk
68:37 Song For Jersey Joel Plaskett
71:17 Everyday Diane Coffee
74:34 DJ RePete
75:06 Airwaves – Purling Hiss
76:25 Tie Up The Tides – Quilt
79:52 Country Kills – Popstrangers
83:12 DJ RePete
83:29 Ooo !!!
87:04 Nude Beach. Pin Hole Camera? Pele
90:24 Finish

DJRePete energizes your BTR Wednesday start with alt with Oberhofer and Peach Kelli Pop. Hit up blues with Joel Plaskett and Glen Hansard, dancy beats with !!! and Icky Blossoms. Plus, to help you hide from the holiday season madness, enjoy a few escapist tracks including a string folk set headlined by a bloc with The Mae Trio and warm weather thoughts with Beach Slang. And ahead of next week’s annual Best In Mix, DJRePete opens up the 2014 archives for a few choice tracks from last year. Get you midweek music discovery fix with BTR!

The Mae Trio / Photo by The Mae Trio

Oberhofer / Photo by Oberhofer

Peach Kelli Pop / Photo by Kelsey Hart

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Host DJ RePete
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