Week of 11/04/15

Premiere DateNov 4, 2015
Categories Media Music
00:00 DJ RePete
00:24 Run Zerobridge
03:25 Landau, Luckman & Lake Tough Age
05:08 Sarah, Calling From a Hotel Craig Finn
08:11 Symbolic Dream Warm Soda
10:42 Powerful Man Hop Along
14:01 Dance Political Skidmore Fountain
17:41 DJ RePete
18:19 Feed it Back to Us The Ghoul Goes West
21:10 Haunts Twinsmith
24:55 Mayflower Diane Coffee
28:01 Are You Real Farao
32:54 Sirens Soren Bryce
35:30 DJ RePete
36:06 Can't Go Back William Elliott Whitmore
39:54 Broken Heart Songs Joel Plaskett
42:58 Don’t Know How Native Harrow
45:49 Me N Annie Low Cut Connie
49:09 Somebody Was Watching Pops Staples
53:12 DJ RePete
53:41 The River ft Anduze & Mela [dunkelbunt]
56:16 Leafblower Blues 11 Acorn Lane
59:55 Fight Mavis Staples
62:49 Just Call Me Gospel Machine
65:53 DJ RePete
66:24 Can't Have Steven A. Clark
71:07 Talk Bob Moses
74:38 Claude Monet Allday
78:30 Keeping Me Alive Bob Moses
83:15 Date & Time Superhuman Happiness
87:39 DJ RePete
88:10 Coyoacan Calexico
90:28 Finish

Today on your BTR start, DJRePete is breakin’ thru new music from Zerobridge! Plus, hit up alternative from Farao and Craig Finn, blues with William Elliott Whitmore and Low Cut Connie, and rhythm beats via Allday and Bob Moses. Also tune in for info and BTR bands playing today at the Arizona State Fair and the Cardinal Sessions Festival this weekend in Germany. And for fun this post-Election Day in America, check out a political throwback track from Skidmore Fountain. That’s your BTR Wednesday with DJRePete!

Zerobridge / Photo by Zerobridge

Warm Soda / Photo by Warm Soda

Farao / Photo by Karl Erik Brøndbo

Arizona State Fair info
Cardinal Sessions Festival info

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