Week of 10/28/15

Premiere DateOct 28, 2015
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00:00 DJ RePete
00:32 White Horse, Black River Oberhofer
03:21 Jeer Jumbling Towers
06:47 Doped Up Dollies On A One Way Ticket To Blood Big D & The Kids Table
10:58 iii) Say Mikal Cronin
15:10 DJ RePete
15:46 Leave a Light On Setting Sun
18:41 Peanut Quitzow
20:51 Better In The Morning Little Boots
24:10 The Unknown Standfast
27:11 DJ RePete
27:46 Contact Painted Palms
32:05 Debout Ariane Moffatt
35:17 Needs Baio
38:38 Ride With You Soren Bryce
42:37 DJ RePete
43:09 Duet Diane Coffee Feat. Felicia Douglass
47:07 Colour Petite Noir
49:59 Rhodesian Girl The Poets Of Rhythm
54:19 Cash Wednesday Skylar Spence
56:46 Ridiculous! Skylar Spence
60:14 DJ RePete
61:04 On Golden Wings I Fly Johan Agebjorn
64:31 Singing and Singing Timbre
71:44 True Colors Johanna Warren
74:20 Figure 8 Johanna Warren
77:11 The Guest Sarah Kirkland Snider
81:50 Everything Is In Line My Brightest Diamond
86:16 DJ RePete
86:59 Undone Son Lux
89:52 Finish

Midweek on BTR starts with DJRePete! Tune in for info on the Liverpool Music Week going on now, as well as a modern pop opera going on at BAM next month with Shara Worden of My Brightest Diamond. Also, hit up seasonally appropriate tracks from Standfast and Jumbling Towers. And as Halloween approaches this weekend, DJRePete musically gets you into the spirit with a creeptastic set including Johan Agebjorn and Sarah Kirkland Snider. That’s your Wednesday lead off mix on BTR!

Painted Palms / Photo by Painted Palms

Soren Bryce / Photo by Soren Bryce

Petite Noir / Photo by Petite Noir

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