Week of 10/07/15

Premiere DateOct 7, 2015
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00:00 DJ RePete
00:27 Dream Lover Destroyer
04:10 Is It Me Twinsmith
06:45 Pussy of my Dreams Part Time
09:38 The Roses Eternal Summers
12:55 DJ RePete
13:34 Wistful Past Soda Shop
16:53 Tandem Paul Spring
20:13 Got To Hang Onto You Sweet Baboo
23:27 You & I Calvin Love
26:36 DJ RePete
26:55 Lost Something Michael Rault
29:16 Quitting the Circus John Andrews & The Yawns
32:53 Tidepool The Orange Peels
35:51 All Over Jacco Gardner
39:26 Necessary Evil Unknown Mortal Orchestra
44:22 Make It Spin Jessie Jones
48:46 DJ RePete
49:20 Ich grill mit Dir die Abendsonne dunkelbunt
52:29 Get Down dunkelbunt
56:55 RitiB (Right In The In Between) Gypsophilia
62:24 Apples Delhi 2 Dublin
65:44 DJ RePete
66:08 Psykick Espionage Joanna Gruesome
68:11 Nude Beach Peach Kelli Pop
70:11 Clean Renny Wilson
72:19 Candy White Reaper
74:54 B.T.K. White Reaper
77:39 DJ RePete
77:57 Unrock Gabriël Rios
81:05 She'eriot Shel Ha'Chaim (Scraps of Life) The Idan Raichel Project feat. Amir Dadon
84:03 Odi Phenel Cino Savo/Azt Mondja A Kisfiam Parno Graszt
86:06 Dirty Laundry Bitter Sweet
89:21 DJ RePete
89:44 Silver Petals Sword
90:30 Finish

DJRePete kicks off your Wednesday on BTR with some high energy pop alt from Destroyer! Also, find out how to best keep tabs with BTR during CMJ coverage next week as well as where to tune in to plan your musical route. Plus, a wistful ballad by Soda Shop, trippy goodness with Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and punk with Joanna Gruesome. And don’t miss album news from the culture mashup band Delhi 2 Dublin. DJRePete’s got your midweek fix on BTR!

Jacco Gardner / Photo by Jacco Gardner

Sweet Baboo / Photo by Sweet Baboo

Soda Shop / Photo by Soda Shop

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