Week of 08/12/15

Premiere DateAug 12, 2015
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00:00 DJ RePete
00:15 Destroy In-Flight Safety
04:16 Blue Flares In-Flight Safety
08:43 Remember the Highs Little Lapin
12:09 Paradise Wild Yaks
15:36 Sister Cities Hop Along
20:40 DJ RePete
21:02 Crushing Sensation Young Guv
24:09 Forgive Me Darling Bombadil
26:49 Don't Know Why Joel Michael Howard
30:47 Eden (Terrapin Remix) Ophelia
33:51 DJ RePete
34:32 Expect Delays Evans The Death
37:26 Vamala Champs
41:06 Brightly Jacco Gardner
44:09 I Wanted More Michael Feuerstack
46:56 A Daisy Through Concrete Eels
50:09 DJ RePete
50:44 The High Road Ryley Walker
55:25 Time Machine Paul Spring
58:54 Cecelia & her Selfhood Villagers
64:29 Life Before Aesthetics Denison Witmer
67:53 DJ RePete
68:25 Varvindar Friska (swedish traditional) dunkelbunt
71:28 Do You Remember Ane Brun
74:35 A While Ella Fence
78:03 Little Boy In The Grass Aurora
82:09 (I Can See) Landscapes LoneLady
85:14 DJ RePete
86:06 Let Go The Very Best
89:41 Finish

Your midweek mix on BTR starts with DJRePete whose got alternative from Wild Yaks, a live cut with the Eels, and trippy goodness from [dunkelbunt]. Plus, festivals abound today with info across outdoor music events in the US and Europe, including a double dose of the Carolinas within two days for Bombadil and the Lollapalooza gang heads Way Out West for their next act in Sweden. And hit up info on a cool show at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame as well as a bloc from In-Flight Safety. Start your Wednesday with DJRePete and BTR!

Evans The Death / Photo by Evans The Death

Jacco Gardner / Photo by Nick Helderman Photography

LoneLady / Photo by LoneLady

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