Week of 08/05/15

Premiere DateAug 5, 2015
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00:00 DJ RePete
00:24 I Wanna Love You Michael Rault
02:46 Live and Shout It Diamond Rugs
05:41 Bill You for Your Trash Bombadil
09:16 The Legend of Chavo Guerrero The Mountain Goats
12:09 DJ RePete
12:48 17:35 Stoop Kids
16:15 The Key Speech Debelle
19:13 Sunshine Saun & Starr
22:59 Something Big Jim O'Rourke
25:51 DJ RePete
26:23 Goldenwall Drug Cabin
29:49 My Knees Ambrosia Parsley
33:47 Dont Spook The Horses John Andrews &The Yawns
36:35 For Our Elegant Caste Of Montreal
39:09 Save Me From Myself FFS
42:58 Easy To Get Hot Chip
48:05 DJ RePete
49:10 On a Dime Joel Plaskett
53:10 Trouble In Your Heart William Elliott Whitmore
56:17 Circle Round The Sun Matthew E. White
59:32 Ol' Dirty Revival decker.
64:43 When the Angels Played Calexico
67:03 DJ RePete
67:46 Something's Coming Will Butler
70:59 Strange Laura Marling
74:05 Steve Polyester Ava Luna
78:04 This Is My Hand (Groundlift Remix) My Brightest Diamond
81:34 Can't Keep Checking My Phone Unknown Mortal Orchestra
85:35 DJ RePete
86:15 Friends & Business The Skints
89:42 Finish

DJRePete opens up your Wednesday lineup on BTR with a star-studded mix featuring Of Montreal, FFS, Hot Chip, and Laura Marling. Plus, more beats from the new album by Stoop Kids, choice throwbacks with Speech Debelle, and blues with Joel Plaskett. Also, tune in to hear about Ireland’s answer to Lollapalooza, including castles, magic, and merriment. Yep. That’s your Wednesday start with DJRePete on BTR!

Bombadil / Photo by Bombadil

Ambrosia Parsley / Photo by Ambrosia Parsley

Ava Luna / Photo by Marie Demple

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Host DJ RePete
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