Week of 03/02/16

Premiere DateMar 2, 2016
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00:00 DJ RePete
00:26 Searching For Quilt
03:27 There's A Glow No
07:21 Say Goodbye Dressy Bessy
10:46 Chemicals Tetherball
13:10 DJ RePete
13:50 Gone for Good Teen
17:17 Free Time Teen
20:55 FloriDada Animal Collective
24:57 Strawberry Mansion Lushlife + CSLSX
27:38 Bahia Prince Rama
30:35 DJ RePete
31:07 I Belong To You Ben Abraham
33:59 Calgary Bon Iver
37:57 Dancepack Volcano Choir
42:09 Yellow Brick Road Little Lapin
45:22 His Voyage Innocent Jenny Gillespie
50:11 DJ RePete
50:49 If It's A Light Mavis Staples
53:47 Baby Blue Mount Moriah
56:54 I'm Through With You War & Pierce
60:59 Dear Mr. Teddy Saun & Starr
63:59 Through The Storm Charles Bradley
68:22 DJ RePete
68:48 Love Is In The Atmosphere Kerry Politzer
72:35 Hoy Es Un Nuevo Dia Planeta Imaginario
76:56 Rosmosis New York Art Quartet
81:48 Pigfoot Paul Bley Trio
85:06 DJ RePete
85:51 Thoughtless Kind (M: FANS) John Cale
90:30 Finish

DJRePete’s got your midweek music discovery with R&B from Mavis Staples, alt rock from Quilt, and choice throwback tracks from Bon Iver. Plus, as we approach the change in season in the states, hit up info on the upcoming Treefort and 35 Denton music festivals. Also, hit up album news and tour info from Charles Bradley, who headlines some rhythm and blues. And zen out with some jazz from the likes of the New York Art Quartet. That’s your diverse start to your music discovery Wednesday on BTR Today with DJRePete!

Quilt / Photo by Quilt

Saun & Starr / Photo by Saun & Starr

Teen / Photo by Teen

Treefort Music Festival info
35 Denton Music Festival info

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