Week of 02/24/16

Premiere DateFeb 24, 2016
Categories Media Music
00:00 DJ RePete
00:31 Ignorance You Say Party
03:46 Switchblade Coast Coastgaard
07:09 The Roses Eternal Summers
10:26 DJ RePete
11:20 Snowbound Susanna Rose
14:12 22 Night Beds
17:49 Arctic Shark Quilt
20:31 Killing Moon Tetherball
24:43 DJ RePete
25:23 Strange Things Marlon Williams
28:20 We Toil and Struggle Half-handed Cloud
30:24 Milky White Radiation City
34:16 This Side Of Paradise Panda Bear
38:47 Something About Glenn Goins Jack Name
41:42 I Am a Soul Lena Fayre
44:11 DJ RePete
44:35 I Think I Can Live With It Warehouse Eyes
48:11 Glow Porches
50:56 Car Porches
53:27 Oh My Light Hospital Ships
58:27 Hollow Beacon
60:54 DJ RePete
61:28 Ruperta (Peru) Peru Negro
65:39 Como Vou Fazer (Remix) Dois Irmãos Featuring Mariana De Moraes
70:15 Nena Linda XIXA
74:11 Kyabathe (Bulerías) Miguel Czachowski
80:46 Papa Angélique Kidjo
85:19 DJ RePete
85:35 Fossa Daughter
90:05 Finish

Your Listen adventures on BTR Today open up with DJRePete and a 90 minute dose of electronica with Radiation City, folk with Night Beds, and international throwbacks from the likes of Angélique Kidjo. Plus, music before you can buy it from Tetherball, who is also dropping news of six—yes, six—total EPs being released in 2016. Tune in for the scoop on that. Plus, hit up BTR Today newcomer Susanna Rose and hear where you can see her at a house party this weekend. And if you’re in Boston, find out which long-time BTR Today band is rocking the MFA this Friday. That’s your Wednesday start on BTR Today with DJRePete!

You Say Party / Photo by You Say Party

Tetherball / Photo by Tetherball

Radiation City / Photo by Radiation City

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