Week of 11/25/15

Premiere DateNov 25, 2015
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00:00 DJ RePete
00:25 Empty Threat CHVRCHES
04:23 Something's Bout To Change Strange Talk
08:24 Road NÉONHÈART
11:44 The Shade Metric
15:15 Palest Pearl Pure Bathing Culture
19:09 DJ RePete
19:36 Remedy Swerve
22:23 If I Were a Portal Evening Hymns
27:01 There Is No Function Stacey Joanna Gruesome
28:55 Choices Crushed Beaks
32:47 DJ RePete
33:19 No One Wants It To Happen To You Small Black
37:08 Mate ** Gang Signs
42:20 Falling Here We Go Magic
46:14 Oh Seven Ms. John Soda
50:05 Island The Mantles
53:13 DJ RePete
54:02 The Boat The Mae Trio
57:43 Devil May Care Half Moon Run
60:03 Eugene Sufjan Stevens
62:24 Foto Martin Courtney
66:47 False Hope Laura Marling
69:53 Fire Editorial The Mountain Goats
73:03 DJ RePete
73:30 Shampoo Peach Kelli Pop
74:45 DR DR Dune Rats
76:43 Red Green Yellow The Garden
78:02 Fall Hierophants
80:09 PJM The Ghost Ease
83:03 DJ RePete
83:41 Too Much Is Never Enough (Radio Edit) Bob Moses
87:25 Coastal Break Tycho
90:30 Finish

DJRePete inches you 90 minutes closer to the Thanksgiving weekend in the US with power electric alt from CHVRCHES and Metric. He’s also thankful for the latest album from Here We Go Magic and an addictive beat track from Bob Moses. Plus, hit up a folk set headlined by The Mae Trio head of their appearance down-under to play the new MOTH venue in Brisbane. And get info on Evening Hymns’ doubleheader this Friday in Toronto. That’s your Thanksgiving Eve start with DJRePete on BTR!


Joanna Gruesome / Photo by Joanna Gruesome

The Mantles / Photo by David Armstrong

MOTH venue info
Here We Go Magic album info

Host DJ RePete
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