Week of 09/02/15

Premiere DateSep 2, 2015
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00:00 DJ RePete
00:32 Spies Scam Avenue
03:12 Ready or Not MYZICA
06:03 Cobra Starlight Girls
08:38 Maximize Results Gardens & Villa
12:11 Wildfire The Mynabirds
15:05 DJ RePete
15:46 Tower Blocks The Domestics
18:43 Sugar Coated Jessie Jones
22:02 Surreal Exposure Ducktails
24:36 Keep Swimming Soda Shop
27:40 DJ RePete
28:03 We Stared At The World Find The Others
31:27 My Honey Lips Part Time
34:22 Pages of Gold Flo Morrissey
38:06 Birth Right Domino Kirke
41:21 No Pressure Little Boots
45:50 DJ RePete
46:42 If I Never See Cleveland Again Greatfather
50:17 Out West Native Harrow
54:22 Time Johnny Delaware
57:35 DJ RePete
57:46 Youngsters Renny Wilson
60:29 Make Me Wanna Die White Reaper
63:00 Fired Up Titus Andronicus
67:04 Go Go The Blind Shake
70:14 Oulala Vundabar
74:37 DJ RePete
75:02 Estrenando La Chiva Gantiva
78:39 African Airways Seun Kuti & Egypt 80
83:47 Chaghaybou Tinariwen
88:29 DJ RePete
89:09 Change Is Everything Son Lux
90:30 Finish

DJRePete’s serving up a dose of music discovery today with ballads from the likes of Flo Morrissey, music before you can buy it by Starlight Girls, and new beats from Little Boots. Plus, info on a trio of festivals including one this weekend at the (you-must-see-before-you-die) Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark where the Offspring Festival is going down. Also hit up a jazzy international set led by La Chiva Gantiva. And for fun, look for the Finding Nemo Easter egg in today’s show. Your BTR Wednesday awaits!

Scam Avenue / Photo by Scam Avenue

The Domestics / Photo by The Domestics

Flo Morrissey / Photo by Flo Morrissey

Scam Avenue band info
Blackpool iFest Switch On info
End of the Road Festival info
Tivoli Offspring Festival info

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