Week of 07/15/15

Premiere DateJul 15, 2015
Categories Media Music
00:00 DJ RePete
00:35 That Girl Shana Falana
03:38 Satellites Mew
09:26 Yodel The Wheel Workers
12:16 Stockholm In-Flight Safety
16:10 Eden Ophelia
19:00 DJ RePete
19:37 A Message to You Eddie Miniboone
23:34 The Ballad of Bull Ramos The Mountain Goats
26:17 Beneath the City of Dreams Calexico
28:46 Control Mikal Cronin
31:53 DJ RePete
32:38 The Man Without A Tan FFS
36:00 Running Behind Holychild
38:54 Perfect 11 Acorn Lane
42:05 Flat Foot Boogie dunkelbunt
45:56 DJ RePete
46:17 Dusty Wing Spirit Adam Torres
49:13 Divine Laura Marling
52:04 Light Brang Little Wings
55:27 Seventeen The Tallest Man On Earth
58:28 Monster Movie Fred Thomas
61:50 DJ RePete
62:16 Separate Bedrooms Joanna Gruesome
64:13 Bat Wing Peach Kelli Pop
66:43 Night Wild Yaks
70:37 DJ RePete
70:44 Go (feat. BOGART) Brika
73:29 Loyalty Blue Scholars
77:24 Axis One Be Lo
80:27 Forgive Me ft. KRS One, Akbar, KB Copper Shot
84:19 Who Am I Emile YX?
87:37 DJ RePete
87:59 Please Patronise Our Sponsors Jim O'Rourke
90:29 Finish

This fine Wednesday begins with DJRePete at the controls, spinning beats by Brika, a softer set with the likes of Laura Marling, and an upbeat set including the debut by FFS—that’s Franz Ferdinand + Sparks. Plus, hit up some in-store shows and festival info on the way from N America and Europe. And Jim O’Rourke throws in some advertising irony for good measure. It’s your Wednesday start on BTR with DJRePete!

Shana Falana / Photo by Kaitlin Egan

Calexico / Photo by Ingo Petramer

Holychild / Photo by Holychild

Skral Festival 2015 festival info
Maximum Ames Music Festival info
Pohoda Festival info

Host DJ RePete
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