The Wednesday Show

Premiere DateApr 22, 2015
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00:00 DJ RePete and your BTR Wednesday
00:28 Different Angle – The Cribs
03:58 Devastation Celebration – And The Kids
06:48 Fight Night – In Flight Safety
10:08 Paralysis – Young the Giant
14:25 DJ RePete and your BTR Wednesday
15:10 South Lee County Brew – William Elliott Whitmore
18:01 On The Banks Of The Old Kishwaukee – Ryley Walker
22:52 Roll me out – Champs
25:29 Dogs – Drug Cabin
26:52 Train To Crazy Horse – Simon Joyner
31:18 Uneasy – Sarah Bethe Nelson
34:53 DJ RePete and your BTR Wednesday
35:31 Impossible Love – Sarah Bethe Nelson
38:44 Bawl Cry Wail – In Tall Buildings
42:43 Alright I’ll Go – Joel Michael Howard
44:10 I Feel Your Love – Laura Marling
48:06 Only Just Fine – Ambrosia Parsley
51:10 DJ RePete and your BTR Wednesday
51:42 Bobb’s Psychedelic Car – The Prefab Messiahs
54:47 Terrified – Evans The Death
58:08 The Devil – Michael Feuerstack
63:28 Poison – Waxahatchee
65:35 DJ RePete and your BTR Wednesday
66:01 Poppasong – Eprhyme (feat. Brad B)
69:53 Sunny Side of Hell – Grieves
73:45 Addict – Phonetic
77:31 After I’m Gone – Living Legends
83:18 Who Knew Duke – The High Decibels
86:20 DJ RePete and your BTR Wednesday
86:45 Guju Guju – The Very Best
90:11 Finish

Stick with DJRePete to start your Wednesday as we find out which BTR band fits this self description: “Existential Glitter Popsicle Crisis.” Among his mix, hit up the latest from Laura Marling, rock with Waxahatchee, and alt with The Cribs. Plus, a throwback hip hop set featuring Grieves and The High Decibels. And get the scoop on a pair of festivals going on in Missouri and Leeds in the UK, as well as info on the new album by The Very Best featuring Vampire Weekend’s Chris Baio. That’s your midweek mix with DJRePete on BTR!

The Cribs
May 2 – Live at Leeds 2015 – Leeds, UK

Young the Giant
May 2 – SUNY Buffalo – Buffalo, NY

And The Kids (photo by Brett Henrikson)

William Elliott Whitmore (photo by William Elliott Whitmore)
April 25 – Middle of the Map Festival – Kansas City, MO

April 23 – Oslo – London, UK

Ryley Walker
April 22 – The Tin at The Coal Vaults – Coventry, UK

Ambrosia Parsley
July 16 – Rock the Yacht – St. George Theatre – Staten Island, NY

Laura Marling
April 22 – Corn Exchange – Cambridge, UK

In Tall Buildings
April 22 – Motr Pub – Cincinnati, OH

Waxahatchee (photo by Jesse Riggins)
April 24 – Sister Bar – Albuquerque, NM

May 19 – Hawthorne Theatre – Portland, OR

Host DJ RePete
DJRePete is obsessed with the way we discover music. Each week he kickstarts your Saturday with The Listening Booth with alternative, electronica, hip hop, rock, blues, jazz -- no genre is off limits! The mix is…