The Wednesday Show

Premiere DateMar 4, 2015
Categories Media Music
00:00 DJ RePete and your BTR Wednesday
00:35 Keep Me Alive – All We Are
05:35 Lanai – You Blew It!
09:22 White as Snow – Twerps
11:39 Your Pain Is Mine Now – Title Fight
15:18 DJ RePete and your BTR Wednesday
15:40 Tell Them You Can't Leave – The Amazing
19:27 Jacquelyn In The Background – Jessica Pratt
22:42 The Waltz of the Tick Tock of Time – Maia Vidal
25:42 Bowtie – The Lower 48
30:19 New Leaf – Alameda
32:47 DJ RePete and your BTR Wednesday
33:39 The Great Must Last – The High Decibels
35:51 Miserable Exaggeration – John Reuben
39:14 Yours – Dan Black
42:38 Inside Out – Kristoff Krane
45:44 DJ RePete and your BTR Wednesday
45:58 The Best Thing – Johan Agebjorn w/Sally Shapiro
49:21 Will The Boys – Grooms
53:12 Song For Zula (Live) – Phosphorescent
59:16 Idle By – Travis Bretzer
62:25 Lonely Heart – Travis Bretzer
65:58 When I Was Done Dying – Dan Deacon
70:09 DJ RePete and your BTR Wednesday
70:42 Chan Chan – The Human Experience Featuring Ignacio Perez Borrell & Igor Rakuz Izik
76:42 Back To Baia – Gaudi
81:19 Edge of Town – Fránçois & The Atlas Mountains
85:21 Dived – Balmorhea
88:46 DJ RePete and your BTR Wednesday
89:07 Mountain – Alessi's Ark
90:20 Finish

A musically diverse mix start to your day with DJRePete. Get lost in a dreamy electro set with the latest from Travis Bretzer, followed by some rhythmic beats with The Human Experience, and hear a collection of hip-rock throwbacks from the likes of The High Decibels. Plus, hit up info on the upcoming Treefort Festival in Boise, and the Untapped Festival in Austin. And energize the start to your day with new alt from All We Are and the Twerps. DJRePete leads off your BTR Wednesday!


All We Are (photo by All We Are)
March 5 – AB Club – Brussels, Belgium

Title Fight
March 6 – Grog Shop – Cleveland Heights, OH

March 13 – Rough Trade NYC – Brooklyn, NY

You Blew It!
April 21 – Key Club – Leeds, UK

The Lower 48 (photo by Todd Walberg)
March 26 – Treefort Festival 2015 @ Hannah’s – Boise, ID

Dan Deacon
April 9 – Mr. Smalls – Millvale, PA

April 18 – Untapped Festival – Austin, TX

March 28 – The Ballroom at The Outer Space – Hamden, CT

The Human Experience
March 5 – Vasundhara Festival – Goa, India

Gaudi (photo by Gaudi)
March 5 – Vasundhara Festival – Goa, India

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