Mix for 07/26/16

Premiere DateJul 26, 2016
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 DJ Emily
00:31 Come and Go Radiation City
04:57 Magic Summertime Benji Hughes
08:46 Ouija Summer Twins
12:21 Higher Mind Mount Moriah
17:12 Self Suuns
20:48 Moon Man Aloha
25:17 I'm Lost Without You Marlon Williams
30:30 Old Broken Heart Susanna Rose
34:54 You Are Not Here Aidan Knight
38:24 Diversion Ty Segall
41:58 Nothing's As It Seems Gordi
45:16 DJ Emily
45:45 Can We Work It Out Gordi
49:57 With The Thought of Us Bibio
53:35 Ok Ok Ok Little Green Cars
57:16 Sour Candy Bleached
61:03 Hitchhike Love A Giant Dog
63:23 Big Head Spookyland
66:54 Let It Roll Ladyhawke
70:01 Movement High Highs
73:48 Herd of Creeps Sunwatchers
79:23 Turning Light Amber Arcades
86:11 DJ Emily
86:46 Your Best American Girl Mitski
89:52 Earth To Jay Jay Arner
93:50 Criminals of the Dream Deerhoof
98:45 Glow In The Dark Death Valley Girls
101:22 Two Oceans Weaves
105:18 Personal Autumn Stargazer Lilies
109:30 Hands Up Blood Orange
113:38 Golden Days Whitney
117:30 Floating The Amazing
121:55 DJ Emily
122:27 Wherever You Live Heliotropes
126:27 Finish

WhitneyBlood Orange


As a kid, Emily Smith could often be found in her bedroom recording radio shows. She obsessively recorded songs off the radio onto cassettes and mixed them together on a dual player. She was in love with…