Frankie Simone and Ty Richards

Premiere DateMay 29, 2018
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 DJ Emily
01:26 War Paint Frankie Simone
04:22 Red Pill Ty Richards
08:22 I Will Spite Survive (ft. Jenn Wasner) Deerhoof
11:48 Consider Me Mean Neighbor Lady
15:56 Fantasy Nails Mini Dresses
21:32 The Remote Viewer OCS
26:55 Throw Down Peter Oren
30:51 DJ Emily
31:04 The Hill Temple Hex
37:05 Seventeen Haley Blais
40:27 SOS Son Little
46:58 Its Never OK Sarah Mary Chadwick
52:45 Land Of Nod Beechwood
56:40 Tonight The Evening Jennifer Castle
64:02 Killjoy Ty Richards
67:57 Blow My Mind Frankie Simone
71:28 DJ Emily
72:20 If You Want To Break A Heart Animal Electricity
76:35 Dead Eyes Dusted
81:30 Moving In Speedy Ortiz
86:01 Bout De Toi Anemone
90:13 Best Thing Haley Blais
94:39 DJ Emily
95:15 Wring Me Out Neighbor Lady
101:05 Flood This House Las Rosas
106:02 Not Abel Hop Along
110:22 Make Love Not Sense Abbe May
114:06 DJ Emily
114:52 Voices Sound The Amazing
121:06 Finish

Two hours of tunes for your Tuesday!

As a kid, Emily Smith could often be found in her bedroom recording radio shows. She obsessively recorded songs off the radio onto cassettes and mixed them together on a dual player. She was in love with…