Week of 10.30.15.

Premiere DateOct 30, 2015
Categories Media Music
00:00 Latola
01:27 Hack Hack Hack Variation II The Coneheads
03:00 Tuff Ghost Unicorns
05:58 I Turned Into A Martian Misfits
07:42 Bloody Murder Cursive
10:34 Ghost Baby Ghost Demo FNU Clone
13:48 The Haunted Rider The Jameses
18:08 Creature Creeper Levek
20:30 It Comes Back To Haunt Us Timber Timbre
24:02 Banana Ghost Man Man
26:56 Spooky Action Dear and Glorious Physician
31:09 Latola
33:15 I’ve Been Riding With The Ghost Songs:Ohia
36:35 Spooky Eyes Dan Melchior Und Das Menace
39:37 Drakula (Hey Man!) Richard Swift
42:07 Blood and Gore Cheveu
44:51 An Absurd Laceration TV Ghost
50:24 Wolf Gets Red Faced White Fence
55:34 Haunted House (live) Unicorns
63:51 Latola
65:54 Bloody Eyes Keith Hudson
69:07 Bloody Glass Total Control
75:16 Drown With The Monster White Lung
77:20 The Holy Ghost Destruction Unit
81:18 Monster Chad VanGaalen
84:20 In Cold Blood Jackie Mitoo
87:44 We Both Scream White Birds
91:47 Latola
93:03 USA Is A Monster Dan Deacon
98:34 Finish

It’s Halloween come Fri with me

L.P.1. aka “14 Year Old High School PC-Fascist Hype Lords Rip Off Devo for the Sake of Extorting $$$ from Helpless Impressionable Midwestern Internet Peoplepunks L.P.”

The Coneheads

Ghost Baby Ghost (demo)

FNU Clone

Walk Among Us

The Misfits

Who Will Cut Our Hair When We Are Gone?


HOST Latola
Latola's first on-air gig was in 4th grade, doing the morning announcements. By 5th grade he'd decided he wanted to be a radio DJ -- radio DJs didn't have to pay for albums or concert tickets, and as any money he…