Week of 1.1.16.

Premiere DateJan 1, 2016
Categories Media Music
00:00 Latola
01:23 My Time The Lavender Flue
05:34 Water Yowler
08:56 Back, Baby Jessica Pratt
12:52 track 5 lee (asano+ryuhei)
14:35 Maxi Rsmg
18:52 Cycles Main Attrakionz
22:17 Down Deantoni Parks
25:12 New Black GoldLink
27:09 Complex Humanity Dark Twaine
29:54 Them Changes Thundercat
33:05 Latola
34:18 Ritualistic Rabbit Guerilla Toss
40:16 Whistles and Bells GRNDMS
41:31 fear o the dark katie dey
43:53 Bad Sporting Life
46:29 28 organ epic user18081971
53:54 River of Longing Blank Realm
58:04 In Women Radicalfashion
62:48 Wishes Friendzone
63:54 The Things I Say Joanna Newsom
66:28 Divers Joanna Newsom
73:47 Latola
75:01 Phantom Krill
80:47 Burning Bride (live) Shilpa Ray
86:14 Typical Codfish Blues Timothy.J.Elliott
90:51 Trsh Knxwledge
94:17 Latola
95:27 beach palberta
98:37 ghost baby ghost fnu clone
101:50 Death Viet Cong
113:14 Latola
117:51 Miuccia Lyric Radicalfashion
122:38 Finish

Come Fri with me for part 6 of 6 of my favorite songs of 2015



Heavy Air

The Lavender Flue

A Distant Fist Unclenching



Joanna Newsom

HOST Latola
Latola's first on-air gig was in 4th grade, doing the morning announcements. By 5th grade he'd decided he wanted to be a radio DJ -- radio DJs didn't have to pay for albums or concert tickets, and as any money he…