Week of 10/30/2015

Premiere DateOct 30, 2015
Categories Media Music
00:00 Mic Break
04:28 Sapokanikan Joanna Newsom
09:32 Bacavan Blues Creeping Pink
11:35 Singer Pure Bathing Culture
16:10 Brite Boy Alex G
18:36 Undelivered The Mantles
22:55 Mic Break
27:51 Funk (I Got This) !!!
32:26 So Desu Ne FFS
36:14 The Cloud Fortress Apprentice Destroyer
44:42 Think Hierophants
47:45 Romeo Sean Nicholas Savage
50:41 The Motorway The Besnard Lakes
55:16 Mic Break
56:36 Leaving the City Joanna Newsom
60:24 Finish

It’s the ROCK SHOW! And you know it is… New Joanna Newsom (!!), Pure Bathing Culture, Mantles, and, like, SO much other good ones. It’s fun, it rocks, but it won’t upset you! It’s just right!

The Mantles

Pure Bathing Culture

Alex G

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