Week of 04/29/2016

Premiere DateApr 29, 2016
Categories Media Music
00:00 Mic Break
02:50 Bazzle Shabazz Fauna Shade
05:54 If It's All the Same to You Greys
09:34 California Hills Ty Segall
12:39 En El Sol Thee Commons
15:21 Forced Exhalations Synthetic ID
18:08 Wonderful Cate Le Bon
20:40 Curse Your Love Cellars
23:40 Mic Break
27:26 Beached Julianna Barwick
31:32 Please TEEN
35:36 Even the Shadow Porches
38:52 Lying in the Grass Animal Collective
42:24 Single File Mike Dillon
45:18 Silent Moon Little Scream
49:58 Mic Break
51:26 Kuna America Konono N°1
59:37 Finish

Wow! First set rocks with new tracks from Fauna Shade, Greys, Cate Le Bon, Synthetic ID, and more. THEN, the second set rolls with new tracks from Julianna Barwick, Mike Dillon, TEEN, and more, more more! It Rocks! It Rolls! It’s The Rock Show on BTRtoday!

Fauna Shade

Porches – Pool

TEEN – Love Yes

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