Week of 03/25/2016

Premiere DateMar 25, 2016
Categories Media Music
00:00 Mic Break
04:01 Summing the Wretch Animal Collective
07:07 I Think I Can Live With It Warehouse Eyes
10:46 Alligator Briefcase Tuxedomoon and Cult With No Name
14:00 Noise Shift TEEN
18:00 Supermarket Supermodel (featuring Chela) Seth Bogart
22:08 Public Radio TW Walsh
25:20 Mic Break
28:57 Pray For Rain Bob Mould
32:12 Foothills Violent Femmes
34:51 Phenomenon M. Ward
37:48 Separate Radiation City
43:18 Cemetery Breeding Black Mountain
47:24 Lobby Talks Adult Books
50:58 Ouija  Summer Twins
54:30 Mic Break
57:56 Endless Love Thao & The Get Down Stay Down
61:44 Finish

Here we go! Bleeps n bloops pop music in the first set. Not very “rock,” I know, I know… But we make up for it in the second set with some BIG ROCK TUNES. So keep your dang hat on!

Adult Books – Running from the Blows

TEEN – Love Yes

M. Ward – More Rain

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