Week of 02/12/2016

Premiere DateFeb 12, 2016
Categories Media Music
00:00 Mic Break
03:07 Underwater Porches
07:05 All About Us TEEN
10:46 Keep Swimming Ian Catt Remix - Soda Shop
18:08 Ignorance You Say Party
21:30 Singer Pure Bathing Culture
26:04 Everything New No Joy
30:05 Mic Break
33:33 Bitter Pill Flowers
36:51 Stay The Mantles
39:36 Dream I Left Behind Warm Soda
41:39 A.I.Y.M? Pill
44:29 We Never Close Running
47:57 The Good Life Burnt Ones
52:49 1000 Days Wand
55:27 Mic Break
60:28 Finish

We’re keeping the ROCK going all weekend strong with new tunes from Porches, You Say Party, and Flowers. Plus hits from The Mantles, TEEN, Burnt Ones, and so many more. First set is moody pop, second set is a bit more rockin’!

Porches – Pool

Flowers – Everybody’s Dying to Meet You

No Joy – More Faithful

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