Week of 03/04/2016

Premiere DateMar 4, 2016
Categories Media Music
00:00 Mic Break
04:34 Memory Violent Femmes
07:32 Police My Love The Mantles
09:38 Can't Erase This Feeling Warm Soda
12:04 The Hill Kelley Stoltz
15:42 I Dig You Diane Coffee
19:54 Sugar Broom Radiation City
23:43 Purple Rage Dilly Dally
26:38 Mic Break
31:18 Another Man's Woman TEEN
35:58 Salt Alex G
40:34 Strangest Eyes Part Time
44:24 So Desu Ne FFS
48:14 Chalk Snake No Joy
51:47 Repo Man Dope Body
55:52 Mic Break
59:03 Fortune Cookie Prize Beat Happening
62:49 Finish

I am feeling very warm and lightly groovy when I listen to this mix. I hope you do too! Spring is coming up quick. This is a mix for that, OK. Hit tracks from The Mantles, Alex G, Part Time, FFS, the list goes on…

No Joy – More Faithful

TEEN – Love Yes

The Mantles – All Odds End

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